Must Know Headlines


Reminder: Stalin’s Firearms Confiscation Was A
Tremendous Success For Socialist State (Video)

Microsoft, Which Received A DOD Contract On Friday,
Among Donors Paying For Inauguration Events

Teacher Stomps On American Flag In Front Of Class

128 Million People On Government Programs

Guns Defend Good People From Bad People

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Begins Protecting Schools With Armed ‘Posse’ Patrols

Armed Dad Shoots Robbery Suspect, Defends Baby Son

15-Year-Old Defends Home Against Burglars,
Shoots One Of Them With Father’s AR-15

ILLEGAL Immigrants

Real Gun Threat: Illegal-Alien Street Gangs

U.S. Border Patrol Intercepting Only About 61 Percent Of
Would-Be Illegal Immigrants Along The U.S.-Mexico Border

Barack Obama

In Obama’s America, Only Debt And Dependency Grow

IRS Warns Employers: Do Not Try To Avoid ObamaCare Insurance Mandate

Can’t Obama Find An Honest Man For Treasury Secretary?

White House Pretends Taxes Haven’t Gone Up On Middle Class After Fiscal Cliff Deal

Presidential Inaugural Committee Accepts Donations
From Companies With Ties To Government

Obama Golfed In Hawaii With Former Rezko Crony

Time To Break Out The Binders: Obama’s Stuffing His #CabinetsFullOfMen


1995: Holder Wanted ‘Campaign’ To ‘Really Brainwash People’ On Guns

Special Assistance For Employees Of Failed
Government Funded Solar Company

NAACP’s Ben Jealous: “In Fighting Among
Sophisticated Negroes Will Cause A Mess”

U.S. (Democrats) Spent Record $80.4 Bil On Food Stamps In 2012

DOJ Sends Lawyers to Monitor South Carolina Election With 186 Voters

Democrat-Activist Media

Gawker: First Amendment For Me, Not For Thee

Andrea Mitchell To GOP Strategist: You’re Anti-Abortion, Not Pro-Life

Doing The Research The NY Times Won’t Do

MSNBC Analyst Dyson: Obama Facing ‘Negrophobia’ From Republicans

Piers Morgan Nailed On Incorrect Crime Stats By Fox 19

Celebs Mangle Facts, Call For Wendy’s Boycott Over ObamaCare Cutbacks

CNN Hypes Gabby Giffords’ Push For New Gun Laws

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Outrageously Compares
GOP Governor To Murderous Dictator Ceausescu

Chris Christie Slams Time’s Fat, ‘Mafia’ Cover Picture

And Now A Little Low-Info News