Must Know Headlines


 Benghazi Suspect Released; 4 Americans Still Dead

EBT Abuse: The Cash-For-Drunkards Program

MSNBC Wonders: Is It Disrespectful To Call Obama “Obama”?


Obama Opposed Gun Ban Exception To Defend One’s Home

The Guy (Obama) Who Wants To Grab Your Guns Will Be Protected
For Life By Men With Guns, On Your Dime

Obama, Karzai Call For ‘Taliban Office’ In Afghanistan


ObamaCare Will Make The Maddeningly Complex Tax Code Even Worse

Pentagon Moves Forward On Cutting Prime Health Coverage For Vets

More Hidden Obamacare Fun-Next Up, Your Kids’ Braces

Buckle Up: IRS Gears Up To Impose Obamacare’s ‘Cadillac’ Tax

Hobby Lobby Forced To Change Health Insurance To Avoid Mandate Fines


Liberal Groups Fighting ‘Big Money’ Got $32 Million From Soros

Hilarious!… Bill O’Reilly Gets Lib Rep To Admit She
Got Her Crappy Talking Points From Media Matters (Video

Democrats’ Three Bogus Arguments On Debt Ceiling

Top Senate Dems On Unilateral Debt Ceiling Hike: Go For It, Mr. President

NRA: Meeting With Biden Was A Dog And Pony Show.
They Weren’t Interested In What We Had To Say

NRA Says Biden Didn’t Want To Be Confused With Facts

Democrat-Activist Media

Ten Outrageous Anti-Gun ’Journalists’—Media Push Agenda Against
2nd Amendment While Masquerading As Objective

What Piers Morgan Does Not Tell You About UK Homicides

Media Blames Flu For Economic Downturn

CNN Report Tilts 4 To 1 Towards Gun Control Advocates

David Gregory Gets Off Scot Free

Media Pretends To Scold Obama Over All-White Guy Cabinet Picks

Hollywood Demonizes Israel With Oscar Nominations

Report: BBC Star Abused Hundreds of Children While Under NYT CEO’s Watch


Mayor Bloomberg To Restrict Painkillers:
You May Have To ‘Suffer A Little Bit’