Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece: Mr. President, We Need Jobs. We Don’t Need Free Birth Control



Dr. Alveda King, niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., tells Newsmax TV that she has “mixed emotions” about President Obama’s plans to use her uncle’s Bible to take the oath of office for his second term in the White House.

“I have been having mixed emotions about President Obama using the Lincoln Bible and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bible at his inauguration,” King said in an exclusive interview this week. “I think by the time I’m actually sitting there observing this – I’ll be watching it on television – I think the mixed emotions will be gone and I’ll just be sad.”

Monday marks the annual Martin Luther King federal holiday in the U.S. and King acknowledges there is perhaps no better tribute than to have the first African-American president invoke MLK’s memory with the Bible during the second inauguration.

But Obama’s support of abortion, same-sex marriage, and free contraception under his unpopular Obamacare reform is difficult to reconcile with her uncle’s legacy as a man of God, she says.

“I really hope that when the president — and those who handle the Bible — I hope they just, even if they just accidentally slip it open, to where it says ‘choose life,’ or ‘God hates the shedding of innocent blood’ or something like that, I’m hoping it will just reverberate, shake them up a little bit,” said King, a pastoral associate and director of African-American outreach for Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries.

But she is quick to add, “I know that the Bible was a gift from God and God does not teach us to deny anybody access to the Bible, and if they’re not going to use it for the right purposes, I’ll be praying for their hearts.”

Obama will be facing the Lincoln Memorial as he takes the oath for his second term with his hand to be placed both on the Bible owned by Martin Luther King Jr. as well as one owned by Abraham Lincoln. King’s Bible was used early in his career as a preacher, and has never been part of a presidential inauguration.

King’s children have described their father’s King James version as his “traveling Bible” that he took as part of a collection of books he carried with him while constantly on the road and used for inspiration and preparing sermons and speeches. His daughter Bernice King says her father marked the pages with several dates from May 1954, the same month he delivered his first sermon at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala.

Despite the presence of an African-American in the White House, Alveda King is critical of the progress that Obama has made in addressing the most pressing issues facing the black community, such as high unemployment.

“Mr. President, we need jobs. We don’t need free birth control, and you’re funding Planned Parenthood,” she explained. “Sir, we could have had better schools with that $500 million. We could have had safer communities with that, and so we really don’t understand. If you want to help us, can you give us something that will give us jobs that will keep our children off the street?” READ MORE

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