Obama Moves Fast And Furious On To Hide Gun Hypocrisy



Gun Control: The president seeks a review of groups barred from gun ownership, while his attorney general asks the courts to keep hidden documents on running guns to drug lords sealed by executive privilege.

Presumably the list of prohibited individuals include Mexican drug lords and their operatives who to this day continue to maim and murder with assault weapons and other semiautomatic firearms provided to them by this administration under the gun-running operation known as Fast and Furious.

Attorney General Eric Holder has been tasked to review this list. Unfortunately, this representative of an administration that pretends to care about the causes and prevention of mass carnage filed a motion Jan. 11 to stay indefinitely a lawsuit by the legal watchdog group Judicial Watch filed to enforce a June 22, 2012, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

That request seeks all documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious and “specifically all records subject to the claim of executive privilege invoked by President Barack Obama on or about June 20, 2012.”

The massacre at Sandy Hook is over, but the massacre of Mexican nationals, now in the hundreds, continues.

Answers as to how it happened and who is responsible for those deaths and the deaths of U.S. Border Patrol agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata remain as unclear as those regarding the hows and whys of the deaths of four Americans at our consulate at Benghazi.

Newspapers such as Gannett’s News Journal publish maps obtained under FOIA requests listing the names and addresses of law-abiding citizens acting under their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, even as the Obama administration moves to deny FOIA requests as to how and why Fast and Furious occurred.

Executive order 13 of the 23 offered by the president days after his administration sought to keep its Fast and Furious documents secret says we should “maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.” Well, isn’t Fast and Furious a “gun crime” of staggering proportions? READ MORE

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