Must Know Headlines


Twitter Censors Black Pro-Lifers Blasting NAACP On Abortion

Negative Growth: Economy Tanks In Fourth Quarter

Why The Obama Regime Wants Your W-2 to Tell You Exactly How
Much Your Employer Is Paying For Your Health Insurance

 ATF Machine Guns Ends Up On The Streets Of Milwaukee

Gun Control Activist Protesting How Easy It Is To Buy Guns, Is A Rapist

ICE Agents Lose Deportation Fugitive At Denver Airport

Barack Obama

Regulatory Costs To Business Explode Under Obama

Obama Administration Takes Steps To Implement
Obamacare Mandate Tax On Americans

Chicago Teen Who Performed For Obama Fatally Shot

Krauthammer: Comical That The Obama Admin Is Blaming GOP For Economy

As GDP Falls, President Obama Runs Out Of Excuses

1,471 Days In, Obama Declares Immigration Reform Is Now Urgent

White House: Obama ‘Has A Strong Record
Of Support For 2nd Amendment Rights’


Richest U.S. Senator, John Kerry, Rails Against
‘Corrupting’ Money In Politics In Farewell Address

Dominican Prostitute: Senator Bob Menendez
‘Likes The Youngest And Newest Girls’

Fed To Keep On Pumping

Mich. Dem Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud

State Dept. Recruits Muslim Foreign Service Officers At Jihadist Conf.

Complaint: Sebelius’ Illegal Campaign Trip For
Obama Worse Than We Thought

New Homeland Security Video Urges Americans
To Resist Shooters…With Scissors

Mark Levin To Dick Durbin: Let Me Tell You The
Story Of The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

 Democrat-Activist Media

Journalists Instructed To Report On Benefits Of
Obamacare: “There’s Only Upside”

Media Fawns over Giffords’ ‘Handwritten’ Notes…Written By Therapist

FBI Raid Of Doctor Office Tied To Menendez

Media Double Standard Protects Sen. Menendez

‘Heckler’: MSNBC Selectively Edits Video
To Smear Gun Rights Supporters

CBS Falsely Labels Handgun Used In
Tucson Massacre An ‘Assault Weapon’

No Toure’, Real Men Don’t Thank God For Abortion

ABC, Which Spiked Tim Scott’s Senate Appointment,
Highlights New Senator Mo Cowan

Scarborough: Woman Testifying In Support Of
Assault Rifles Looked Like ‘Jackass’

ABC Touts Housing ‘Comeback’ On Day Of Confidence Drop

Activist Lila Rose: Media Ignore March For Life To ‘Cover Up’ Abortion

Media Had No Incentive To Verify ‘Heckle’ Story


NRA President: ‘We’d Be In Prison’ If NRA Carried Guns
Illegally Like Media Matters [VIDEO]

NRA President Says Anti-Gun Fanatics
Threatened To Kill His Son And Daughter