Bias In Broadcast: Anti-Gun Stories Overwhelm Pro-Gun Stories 8 To 1


Since Sandy Hook, I hear about gun shootings on AP Radio News way more than I ever used to. And I have yet to hear even ONE AP report mention the people whose lives are saved because of guns, which I know exist because I often see local news and the new media report on them. Our Big Media is a joke. A bunch of Obama loving democrats dominate US media.

Washington Times:

The findings may not surprise gun rights advocates.

A Media Research Center analysis of 216 news stories broadcast on ABC, CBS and NBC following the Newtown shootings show “staggering imbalance,” the study says.

“The networks quickly moved to exploit the tragedy to push for more gun control legislation while mostly ignoring solutions that respect gun owners’ Second Amendment rights,” says analyst Geoffrey Dickens.

Among the results:

Stories advocating more gun control outnumbered stories opposing gun control by 99 to 12, or a ratio of 8 to 1.

Anti-gun soundbites were aired almost twice as frequently than pro-gun ones (228 to 134).

Gun control advocates appeared as guests on 26 occasions, compared to 7 times for gun rights advocates.

CBS emerged as the “most stridently anti-gun rights network,” Mr. Dickens says.

By a 22 to 1 ratio, the network aired more stories that favored gun control (44) to those that supported gun rights (2), with 37 neutral pieces.

ABC aired almost six times as many stories that favored gun control (29) to those that favored gun rights, with 25 neutral stories. NBC pushed for more gun control in 26 of their stories to 5 that tilted in favor of gun rights for a 5 to 1 ratio, with 43 neutral segments.  READ MORE


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