Must Know Headlines


Study: 25% Of Americans Dipping Into
Retirement Plans For Other Expenses

Handicapped Woman Refuses Smart Meter —
Has Power Cut In The Dead Of Winter

America: Beware Of More Stealth Tax Increases!

Sheriff Joe Raids Sporting Goods Company:
Nabs 27 Illegals Using Stolen ID

Ben Carson: US Like Ancient Rome; Obama Not My Target


California Has Shortage Of Doctors Because Of Obamacare

States Cutting Employee Hours To Avoid Obamacare Costs

Barack Obama

Obama Breaks 3:1 Cuts-To-Taxes Promise

What A Leader: Obama Threatens Severe Cuts For Women, Children,
Homeless, Small Business & More If No Agreement

After Ignoring Unemployment, Obama Seeks To
Convince Americans It’s His Top Priority

At Benghazi, Neglect Came Right From The Top

Obama Dishonors And Disrespects US Marines –
Has Them Disarmed For Inaugural Parade

Inaugural Address On Steroids


N.H. Dem Delinquent On Taxes

Chevy Volt Follows Stupid 2012 With Stupider 2013

Massachusetts’ New US Senator Helped Organize
‘Friendly Takeovers’ Of Restaurants For Black Bostonians

Pelosi Defends Violent Video Games

Obama’s Secretary Of Defense Nominee

Hagel Went To Five Colleges, Was ‘D’ Student; Media Oblivious

Hidden Hagel 2008 Speech Surfaces:
No Attack On Iran Even If Israel Threatened

Cop Killer

The Truth About Dorner: Leftism Is Violence

Mass Murderer Chris Dorner Called Father Of Shooting
Victim And Taunted Him About His Daughter’s Death

Democrat-Activist Media

Pittsburg Radio Host So Outraged By His Listeners
Support For Gun Rights He Quits His Own Show

CNN Anchor Blames Asteroid On Global Warming

Hopelessly Naive Hayes: End War On Terror,
Declare Ourselves ‘At Peace’


Egyptian Preacher: Raping Women In Tahrir Square Justified

Escalating Egyptian Violence Prompts U.S. Travel Warning


Young Woman Who Died From Botched 33-Week Abortion Identified