Must Know Headlines


Rand Paul: No White House Decision Until 2014…
But Voters Are Ready For A ‘Libertarian Republican’

What Do The Top 10 Cities With Highest Gun-Related
Homicides Per 100,000 People Have In Common?

Feds Buying Enough Bullets For ’24-Year War’:
Radio Host Warns: DHS Preparing For Prolonged Riots In U.S.

When Life Imitates Golf Digest

Barasso: Hagel ‘Wrong’ On Everything

Woman Killed In Chicago Hours After
Her Sister Sat Behind Obama On Stage


Democratic Senator Pushing Higher Taxes
Faces Outstanding $1,200 Tax Penalty

Black History Month: Abortion Has Killed 16 Million Black Children

Scalise: Obama’s Stimulus Folly (LIE)

9 Phony Martyrs Of The Left

Chicago Teachers Union Demands End Of Standardized Testing

Democrat Wants To Regulate Household
Appliances To Combat Global Warming

Democrat-Activist Media

Stunner… Mother Jones Wins Journalism Award
For Its Undercover Romney 47% Hit Piece

AP Retracts Rand Paul Story After Reporting
The Opposite Of What He Actually Said

Politico: Jesse Jackson Jr. And His Wife ‘Lost Track Of
The Line Between Campaign Cash And Personal Funds’

The True National Average Gas Price Is Likely
Higher Than The Press Is Reporting

For Lent… Saturday Night Live Mocks Jesus In Bloody – Gory Skit (Video)

New York Times Wrong On Menendez Story Origins

Actress Rosario Dawson Argues Keystone Pipeline’s For China,
Not For The ‘Benefit Of The American People’