Must Know Headlines


Columbine Survivor To Obama: Start Gun Talks With Fast And Furious

Inmates Collecting Millions From Fraudulent Unemployment Checks

Poll: Majority of U.S. Citizens Say Illegal Aliens Should Be Deported

These Four Sheriffs Are Taking A Bold Stand Against Gun Control:
 ‘An Unarmed Public Is A Tyrant’s Playground’

‘NCIS: LA’ Paints Tea Party-Style Patriots As Terrorists

The Endgame For The Destruction Of The United States

Greg Gutfeld To Chuck Todd: Denying Media Bias Is ‘Like Denying Science’

Barack Obama

Obama Pushes $50 Billion Stimulus Plan
As Automatic Budget Cuts Loom

Obama In 2011 Threatens Veto Of Any
Bills To Stop His Sequester (Video)

Obama Determined To Pass Government-Funded Preschool Plan
(Won’t Add One Single Dime To The Deficit)

Amazing – Obama Caught In Bald-Faced Lie
On White House Sequester (Video)

65 Million Guns Bought Since Obama Took Office

The Disturbing Pattern: Obama Rids America’s Military
Of Yet Another Top General

Dick Morris: Obama Engineering Housing Bubble Through FHA Give Us Your Gun Violence Stories


Secret Fed Bailout Let Bank of America Off The Hook For Billions

Dem Senators Look For Someone To Blame For Obamacare

The Anti-Choice Left’s Disarming Of The American Woman

Feds Give Chicago Schools $50k To “Recover From Multiple Shootings”

Pulled Washington Gun Bill Is Example Of How Liberals
Advance Their Statist Agenda

Environmentalists Okay with Al Gore Selling Current TV For Oil Money

VIDEO: WH Press Sec Carney Talks Down To Female Reporter


University Refuses To Release Hagel’s Records

Top 3 Reasons Chuck Hagel Is Wrong For Secretary Of Defense

Democrat-Activist Media

Huffington Post Cheap Shots Wrong Pol

A Lapdog Media Tactic: Pushing An Agenda With Misleading Headlines

Absolutely Petty: AP’s Juliet Williams Goes After ‘Failed’ Rick Perry
 For Visiting Calif. To Lure Businesses To Texas

WashPost Personal Finance Columnist Omits Jackson Junior’s Party ID,
 Mentions Wealthiest Member Of Congress A Republican

Bashir Bashes Tea Party’s Rove-Nazi Picture,
Ignores His Own Nazi References To Conservatives

Politico’s Koch Brothers Obsession Marches On

Daily News Reporter Admits: Breitbart ‘Friends Of Hamas’ Story ‘Accurate’


GOP, Fox News Take Blame For Democrat Bob Beckel’s Campus Rape Comment