Must Know Headlines


Gas Prices Top $4 Per Gallon, Fuel Sticker Shock

As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class,
 Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned

Union That Bankrupted Hostess To Receive
Generous Government Subsidies

SHOCK REPORT — Veterans Receive Letters From
VA Prohibiting Ownership Or Purchase Of Firearms

Jobless Claims Jump Higher Than Expected

 California Teacher: “If Unions Do So Much For Members, Why Bully?”

Barack Obama

ObamaCare’s Costly Benefit Mandates Are Only The Beginning

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Hussein Obama Has
Killed 4,700 (Including Civilians) With Drone Attacks

Obama To Laid-Off Aviation Workers: I Don’t Care

Obama’s Universal Pre-School Push
The President Seeks To Add Another Statist Layer To Society

DeMint: Obama ‘Has Lost Contact With Reality’

Prez Obama Is Mean Spirited Man Who Receives Greater
Joy In Dividing People Than Solving America’s Problems

 Obama Nominee For Defense Secretary Declined To Sign Schumer
Letter In 2007 Asking Arab Allies To Recognize Israel


Senate Democrats Keep Jet Loophole In Budget Plan

The Feds Want Your Retirement Accounts

Top House Dem Steny Hoyer Calls For Tax Hikes On 99% Of Americans

Biden Advises Gun Owners To Act Illegally

Environmentalists Okay With Al Gore Selling Current TV For Oil Money

Democrat-Activist Media

WaPo Fact-Checker Kessler Falsely Skewers Welfare Chart

Seal Appeal: WaPo Aims For The Heartstrings In Sequestration Debate

Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin Head Hollywood’s Protected Class Of Haters

Video: MSNBC Hosts Really “Sad” About Jesse Jackson Jr

Gun-Hating Martin Bashir Praises Man Who
Defends Obama Murals With An AR-15


S.E. Cupp And The Freezing Of The Conservative Mind