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CHART: Obama 2013 Tax Increase Twice As Large As Looming Sequestration

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Obama And The Democrats LIED
About Obamacare’s Cost And Here’s The Proof

Treasury Has Created Incentive For Bailout Culture

Assault On For-Profit Medicine Begins


Barack Obama Pulls A Move Almost Worthy Of Saddam Hussein

U.S. Releases “Waves” Of  Illegal Immigrants From Custody

Why Is Obama Releasing 24% Of Criminal Illegal Aliens
Because Of 8% Sequester Cut To ICE?

Obama, Creator Of The Sequester Crisis, Decries Crises
Created For Political Gain

Rep. Goodlatte Blasts Obama For Releasing Illegal Alien Inmates
To ‘Promote His Political Agenda On Sequestration’

Sequester Idea: Stop Taking Trips On Air Force One

Obama ‘Not Interested In Spin’ But Blames GOP For Sequester 


See Police Confiscate Guns From Americans

Arkansas Editor Posts List Of Concealed Carry Permit Holders Online

As Of February 23, Chicago Has Had 57 Homicides And 243
Shot Despite Strictest Gun Laws In The Country

Barack Obama

DeMint: Obama Tax Hikes Will Do More Harm Than Sequester (VIDEO)

Obama’s ‘Non-Profit’ Sells Political Access

Organizing For Corruption

Obama Shot Down Governors’ Suggestions On Spending Cuts

Obama Has Failed To Fill Key Government Watchdog Posts


Dem Reps Maxine Waters And Keith Ellison
Outraged By Sight Of Debt Clock On Capitol Hill

India: Chuck Hagel’s Views Not Based In ‘Reality’

John Kerry: In America You Have The Right To Be Stupid


As New Prostitution Allegations Arise,
Menendez Claims Racial Victimhood

George Miller, D-Calif. Wants To Increase Minimum Wage To $10.10 Per Hour,”
Thinks It Will Create At Least 100,000 Jobs

Democrat-Activist Media

Chuck Todd Declares ‘This Just Looks Bad’ For Obama,
But NBC News Skips Access-Buying At White House

ABC Hypes Obama’s Sequester Warnings,
Spins Cuts As Sounding ‘Like A Disaster Movie’

CBS Hounds House GOP Leader On Sequester;
Plays Up Poll Laying Blame On Republicans

WashPo’s Sally Quinn Admits Michelle Obama’s Oscar
Appearance Was Propaganda; But Thinks It Was Brilliant

 Equating Christians With Racists:
 That Is The Washington Post’s Official Policy

Obamas: Dream Contestants For Reality Show Producer

Tamara Holder: ‘All Republicans, Or Most Republicans,
Are Fat-Asses’ [Video]

Joe Scarborough’s Hypocritical Criticism Of CPAC

WashPost Saves Democrats From Blame In Sequestration Poll

Stephen Colbert Stumps For His Lib Sister In South Carolina
By Insulting “Crazy” Voters (Video)


Christians Are Now World’s Most Persecuted Religion