Must Know Headlines


National Black Chamber Of Commerce CEO:
Obama Policies Are “Borderline Communist”

U.S. Agrees To Supply Syrian Rebels With $60M And Non-Lethal Aid

Obama Hat-Wearing Anti-Gun Protester Says She’d
Rather Be Murdered Than Use A Gun In Self-Defense

3 Years of Obamacare: Millions Lose Their Current Coverage

Brennan Accused Of Involvement In Altered Benghazi Talking Points

Barack Obama

Chairman Of Obama Group Now Selling His Own Personal Access

Team Obama Slams Rich Jet Owners In Latest Campaign
Stunt After Taking Their Own Luxury Jets On Vacation Last Week

Taxpayer Shell Out $50K For Mooch’s “Let’s Move!” Victory Lap

Obama’s Sequester Cuts

Unprecedented: Spoiled-Brat President Does Intentional Harm To
The Country In Order To Beat Republicans On Sequester Cuts

Obama To Wait Until Sequester Hits Before
Meeting With Congressional Leaders

DHS Official Retires After Immigrants Are Freed

Sequester Cuts Not Deep Enough To Justify
Release Of Illegal Immigrants, Experts Say


Can We Stop Pretending Democrats
Care About Black People, Immigrants?

According To Democrats:
Why Blacks And Women Should Not Have Guns

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo To Exempt Hollywood From His Gun Laws

Reps. Waters And Ellison Insist House Debt Clock Be
Turned Off During Democrat Speaking Time

Biden On Self Defense, Round Two: “Fire The Shotgun At The Door”

Sen. Menendez (D) Helped Revoke U.S. Visa of Pal’s Romantic Nemesis

Feinstein’s Bill Bans Guns That Have Detachable
Magazine And ‘One Military Characteristic’

 Democrat-Activist Media

Bob Woodward: The White House Told Me I’d Regret Challenging Them

Lanny Davis Also Threatened By The White House

White House Official Accused Of Threatening Bob Woodward
Yelled At CNN’s Jessica Yellin Over Budget Negotiations

After Millions in Tax Breaks For Hollywood,
DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg Kills 350 Jobs

Not News: Projected Growth In Unpaid Bills Shows
State Of Illinois On Path To Total Breakdown

Piers Morgan Demonizes Restaurant Owner
Offering Discounts To Gun-Toting Customers


The Communists And Rosa Parks