Must Know Headlines


60,000 Border And Customs Agents Told To Take Furloughs

California Dreaming: 20,000 Illegal Aliens Apply For State Financial Aid For First Time

L.A. Balks At Tax Hike; Now About Those Pensions

Armored Vehicles For DHS, Slingshots For You

2,200 Laid Off From J.C. Penney

Judge In Kermit Gosnell Abortion Case Dismisses Pro-Life Jurors

Samira Ibrahim Speaks

Barack Obama

Our Petty, Country-Be-Damned President:
Inflicting Pain For Political Gain

Advancing Economic Freedom: Leading From Behind Doesn’t Work

Obama CIA Pick Believes Jihad Is A Legitimate Tenet Of Islam

Phony Sequester Consequences Continued: White House Tours

 MSNBC Host Swoons: ‘I Look At Obama As A Perfect American’

The Republican Establishment Must Go


Graham And McCain Demonstrate What’s WRONG With The GOP

DISGRACE: McCain, Graham Slam Paul Filibuster,
Call Drone-Kill Concerns ‘Ridiculous’, ‘Offensive’

While The Old Bulls Went Out To Dinner,
The New Kids In Town Threw A Filibuster Party

Ted Cruz And Rand Paul Introduce Bill To Ban Drone
Killings Of American Citizens On U.S. Soil


Colorado Anti-Second Amendment Legislator’s (D) Criminal Record Exposed

Pelosi: Raise Minimum Wage to $10

Pelosi: ‘Tax Cuts Are Spending’

White House Visitors Office Director Received $30,000 Raise In 4 years

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Gives 8 Times More Coverage To Beyoncé Lip Sync Than Obama Sequester Lie

WaPo Wrongly Accuses Gun Rights Advocate Of Breaking Ranks
With NRA On Background Checks

CNN Selectively Edits Fox News President Quote To Imply Racism

ABC News CEO: We’ve Presented The News ‘In A Slightly Inaccurate Way’

MSNBC Host Swoons: ‘I Look at Obama As A Perfect American’

MSNBC’s David Corn: Holder Letter To Paul ‘Had A Very Silent FU In It’

Challenges To Islamic Totalitarianism Are ‘Suppressed In The Media’ [VIDEO]

ABC Skimps On Filibuster Coverage, Confuses Rand Paul’s Stand


Maria Conchita Alonso On Chavez Passing: ‘I’m Very Happy’

 HUD Mobile App Helps Minorities File Housing Complaints