Must Know Headlines


Government Advertises For Nearly 2,600 New Jobs Since Sequestration

Obama To Speak To Donors At Founders’ Summit Of
Organizing For Action On Wednesday

Feds Spend $1.5 Million To Study Why Lesbians Are Fat

 2012 Set A New Record For Food Stamp Usage

TRUTH – Allen West On Exposing Democrats:
Lynching And mobs Did Not Come From Republicans


Mark Kelly Attended Gun Control Rally Day After Buying AR-15

Schakowsky (D): Assault Weapons Ban ‘Just The Beginning’

Dem Rep. On Candid Camera Admits: ‘Assault Weapons’
Ban Just the Beginning, Handgun Ban May Be Possible

Jay Carney Snaps At NPR Reporter Over Budget Question

The Party Never Stops” Adele Lands Her Biggest
Ever Gig At Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Party

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Group Grants Over 5x As Much As Koch Brothers
But Goes Largely Unnoticed By The Media

WaPo Writer: Scholars Will Be ‘Shocked’ At ‘Vulgar’ WH Emails To Press

Media Fail: Hamas, Not Israelis, Killed Palestinian Boy

NYT Op-Ed Writer Asserts That White-Black Wealth Gap
Has Increased in Past Two Decades (Nope, Just the Past 5 Available Years)

Leftist Wonkette On Bruce Carroll (GayPatriot) Considering SC
Senate Run – Homosexual Wingnut Wants Lindsey Graham’s Seat

Raw Numbers Expose Extreme Media Bias Against Koch Brothers

Erin Burnett To Laura Bush: Should America Accept
Anti-Semitism To Affect Change In Middle East?

Mika: Overturned Soda Ban Allows Vendors To Keep Selling ‘Poison’

Tingles Wonders: When Is Obama “Going To Get
Some Credit For This Amazing Economy?”


 Pakistani Terrorist Suspect Keeps City Salary During House Arrest