Must Know Headlines


 ‘The Uninvited’ — Rosemary Jenks: Amnesty
Would Give Terrorists ‘Brand New’ Identities

Dumb And Dangerous: America’s Fast Pass For Saudi Arabia

 Syrian With Ties To 9/11 Hijackers Relaxing In The New Jersey Suburbs

What Sequester? Federal Jobs Website Lists Thousands Of Openings

Obamacare At Three Years: Increasing Cost Estimates

IRS Wasted $60K On Star Trek Video

 Math Teacher Escorted Out By Police, Set To Be Fired For
Opposing Planned Parenthood In The Classroom

 Barack Obama

Obama Shuts Down White House Due To Sequester
Then Sends $500 MILLION To Palestinians

Pew: Obama’s Middle East Approval Lower Than George W. Bush’s

Obama Goes To Israel And Talks Down To Israelis

Obama Pressures Netanyahu Into Humiliating Apology To
Terror-Supporting Turkey Over Flotilla Confrontation

Sarah Palin: If Anyone Else Said What Obama Said In Israel,
 They Would Have Been Skewered And Pilloried Forever


Democrat-Activist Media

NBC News Host: Fertilized Human Egg ‘This Thing’

Media Report Arab Heckler As Pro-Pollard Jew

Hypocrisy: Piers Puts Pic With Violence-Glorifying Snoop On Twitter Profile

MSNBC’s Touré: Ben Carson GOP’s ‘Black Friend’

LOL! Bill Maher Calls Americans ‘Morons’ And ‘Complete Idiots’ Then
Blames Senate ‘Gerrymandering’ For No Gun Control Bill (Video)

Press Ignores, Minimizes Concerns In Fed’s Beige Book About
ObamaCare’s Effects On Sales, Employment, And Costs

Law & Order: SVU Writes ‘Legitimate Rape’ Line For Villain

Actual Huffington Post Headline: ‘5 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Single Parent’

Daily Kos: Fox News Is A ‘Clear And Present Danger To America’

Dear Abby Tells Mom: Get Over Your Daughter’s Abortion

Alarmist Enviro Reporter Gillis Hits At ‘Climate Deniers,’ Compares Them To Creationists

Media Upset About Judge’s Overturn Of Bloomberg Soda Ban


Anti-White Racism Found In Chicago Transit Hiring