Must Know Headlines


Spared By The Sequester: $3.8 Million To Improve Armenia’s Pension System

City Recruits Minority Lifeguards Even If They Can’t Swim

Illinois’ Pension Crisis: The Future Of American Entitlements

What Happens To A Society That Teaches Its Children
That Not Working Is The Best Way To Get Fed?

Barack Obama

Cost Of Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubled In Obama’s First Term

Failed Obama Policies Put More Americans In Poverty

Obama Planting Seeds For Another Housing Market Crash

Obama Is Pushing Risky Subprime Auto Loans, Too

“I Need A Gun To Protect Myself From The Govt”
– Obama Mocks Gun Owner Concerns As ‘Ginned-Up Fears’

Obama Pushes For Gun Control,
Refuses To Prosecute Gang Gun Crime In Chicago

Multi-Millionaire Who Gets Every Bill Paid For By US Obama
To Give Back A Whopping 5%
Of Salary……… Because Of Sequester


The 61 Page Obamacare Form (PDF)

It Looks Like The Best Way To Repeal ObamaCare Is To Implement It

Get Ready For Obamacare Premium Defaults

Groups Led By Inside Trader, Child Abuser Got Obamacare Co-Op Loans

North Korea

As North Korea Crisis Deepens,
Obama Raises Campaign Cash In San Francisco

North Korea Approves Nuclear Strike On United States

NKorea Said To Have Moved Missile With
‘Considerable Range’ To East Coast


President Who Signed DOMA To Be
Honored By Gay Lobbying Group

Leading Proponent Of Magazine Ban (D) Doesn’t
Understand What Magazines Are

Democratic Legislator: I Don’t Regret Killing My Baby In Abortion

Loose Language In Reid’s Gun Control Bill Allows
The Beginnings Of A National Gun Registry

Carney Accuses Ed Henry Of “Editorializing”

Maryland House Passes Gun-Control Package 

Border Insecurity

White House Encourages Democrats To Rush
Immigration Bill Through Congress

Rep. Jason Chaffetz Makes More Startling Border Discoveries:
‘Worst Thing I’ve Seen’

Pro-Amnesty ‘Utah Compact’ Rejected By Utah County Republicans

 ICE Union Hammers Gang Of 8: Their Plan Is ‘Legalization,
Or Amnesty First, And Then Enforcement’

Democrat-Activist Media

Swooning ET Host Calls Obama A ‘Sex Symbol,’
Tweets Pics Of  ‘Beautiful, Humble’ FLOTUS

 Maddow: Obama Giving Back 5% of Salary Will
Remind Us The Sequester Is ‘Causing Real Pain’

Media Covers Up Democrat-Backed Planned
Parenthood’s Support For Infanticide

PC Watch: Associated Press Drops “Illegal Immigrant”

HuffPost’s List Of Sequestration’s Apocalyptic Horrors
Strangely Neither Apocalyptic Nor Especially Horrible 

WashPost Waits Until 12th Paragraph Of Story To
Note Newtown Father Backs NRA Plan For School Safety

Matthews Gushes: Hillary In 2016 Will Have Best Bio Since Eisenhower