16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Judge Orders ‘Morning After Pill’ To Be Sold
Over The Counter To All Ages

Watch This Unhinged Bully Stomp All Over Pro-Life Signs At Ohio State [VIDEO]

Clinic Worker Calls Gosnell’s Baby Jabbing Method A “Beheading”

15 Year Old Wisconsin Conservative Writes About Getting Bullied By Teachers

Study Finds Most Haiti Aid Went To U.S. Groups Mostly
In Washington Area
— 1% Went To Haitian Companies


ILLEGAL Immigration

Despite DHS Claims, Stats Show Surge In
Illegal Immigrant Border Traffic

Historically-Weak Employment Data
Undermines Rationale For ‘Immigration Reform’

Military Radar Shows Mexican Border Is Not Secure

Obama Nation

Heading Backward: The Miserable March Jobs Report

White House Blames Lousy Jobs Numbers On Sequester

Some 15% Of U.S. Receives Food Stamps

Schweizer: ‘No One Representing Taxpayer’ In Food Stamp Program

Boomtown 2: Only 100 Federal Employees
Tasked With Monitoring EBT Fraud

Still OK To Withdraw Welfare Benefits At ATMs In Colorado Strip Clubs

War On Women: 315,000 Women
Dropped Out Of Labor Force In March

Riverview Gun Sales In Windsor, Connecticut (Which Sold Guns To Nancy Lanza)
Has Federal Firearms License Revoked By ATF – No Reason Given

Obamerica: 11-Year-Old Girls Can Buy OTC Birth
Control Pills, But You Can’t Buy Cough Syrup

Obama US Army Labeled Evangelicals,
Catholics As Examples Of Religious Extremism

Sequester Day 1: U.S. Spent $70,717 To Send 20
‘To Discuss’ Manufacturing In Korea

Federal Disaster Relief Spending Out Of Control

Barack Obama

Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama’s Words And Deeds

Fearful Of Agitating North Korea, Obama Officials Back Off Tough Talk

Obama: ‘The Truth Is, Our Deficits Are Already Shrinking’

While At A Fundraiser, The Man With The
Permanent Campaign Lamented Permanent Campaigns


Hillary Clinton’s Book Advance Hovers At $14M

Biden: ‘Affirmative Task’ Before Us Is To ‘Create A New World Order’

Democrats Use Fake Hunters Group To Push Gun Control

Smiley-Face Lies And Homicide Hogwash In Dem Hellholes

 Kerry In ‘86: Missile Defense System Is A ‘Cancer On Our Nation’s Defense’

Biden In 2001: ‘I Worry That A Narrow-Minded Pursuit Of Missile
Defense’ Could Damage ‘Negotiations With North Korea’

Democrat-Activist Media

Beyonce And Jay-Z Bankroll Racists

MSNBC Now Uses 4-Year-Old Daughter Of Anchor To Push For Gay Marriage

Eco-Terrorists Attack Conservatives In New Film

Media Can’t Blame Dismal Jobs Report On The Sequester

CAIR Claims Victory Over AP Stylebook’s Restrictions On Word ‘Islamist’

WaPo, Chicago Tribune, NYT Omit Story
About Democrat Blaming Aurora Victims

Dear Jon Stewart: The Arab Spring Chill
Makes You Look Like A Hypocrite


Reporters, Beware Of Lobbyists Bearing Stories

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