Must Know Headlines


FDA Lowers Age For Buyers Of Plan B Pill To 15

Late-Term Abortionist: Saving Infants Born Alive
“The Stupidest Thing They Could Have Done”

Keynesian Economics: Still Failing After All These Years

DOD Awards No-Bid Contract to Co. That “Overbilled” It $757 Million

Why Can’t We Vacation In Cuba? Because It’s A Terror State

Rush Limbaugh: If Tim Tebow Came Out As Gay
He Could Guarantee Himself A Spot In The NFL

Redskins Star QB RGIII Blasts ‘Tyranny Of Political
Correctness’ — The Left
Freaks Out

ILLEGAL Immigrants

Case Worker: Illegal Aliens Got Food Stamps By The “Vanload”

VIDEO: 14 Illegals in 24 Seconds (Crossing the Border Into Arizona)

Arizona Gov. Brewer Refuses To Stop Using Term “Illegal Immigrant” (Video)

Barack Obama

Right After Obama Golfs For 120th Time As Prez,
Obama Organizing For America Bashes John Boehner For Golfing

Obama On Gitmo Terrorists: ‘I Don’t Want These Individuals To Die’

President Says Obamacare Is Going Great

 Obamacare: Obama ‘Lying Through His Teeth’ About Law’s Effects


Whistleblower Lawyer: State Dept Spokesman ‘Either Incompetent Or Liar’

OUTRAGEOUS! Benghazi Whistleblower Says US Has Identified
Terrorist Behind 9/11 Attack But Refuses To Capture Him

 Congressman: Obama Called a Basketball Player,
But Has He Thanked Any Benghazi Whistleblower?

 Whistleblower Lawyer: State Dept Spokesman ‘Either Incompetent Or Liar’

Boston Bombers

Saudi Arabia ‘Warned The United States IN WRITING
About Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev In 2012’

Boston Bombers’ Motivations No Mystery

 Tsarnaev Imam: “America Will Soon Collapse.”

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Matters VP Thanks Fan For Offering To ‘Blow’
Him For Anti-Glenn Beck  Campaign

Even The Tsarnaev Brothers Can’t Awaken MSM From Its Slumber

Video: Media Cheers Obamacare

AP Ignores South Carolina Dem Calling
ObamaCare ‘Extremely Problematic’

CNN Covers Gay NBA Player Nine Times More In
A Day Than It Did Gosnell In One Week

Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg Pushes
For Federal Funding Of Abortion

ABC Salutes Gay Basketball Player As A ‘True Pioneer,’ Still Ignores Gosnell

News Media Keep Peddling Their Bush Vs. Gore Lie

Alan Colmes Defends Giving $100,000+ Welfare To Terrorist Families