Must Know Headlines


Media’s Anti-Gun Narrative Destroyed By Justice Dept. Report

Government Study: Gun-Related Homicides Down 39 Percent

10,962,532: U.S. Disability Beneficiaries Exceed Population Of Greece 

 Jesse Watters Confronts Cop-Killing Columbia Professor

Laid Off Federal Workers Double Dipping On Unemployment

$40 Mil For “Culturally Tailored” Stroke Interventions For Minorities

Minnesota Taxpayers Forced To Pay For One-Third Of All Abortions


Democrats’ Benghazi Hearing Mission: Help Hillary For 2016

Live Updates: Benghazi Hearing–‘The YouTube Video Was A Non-Event In Libya’


Fourth Benghazi Witness Can’t Testify Because Obama
Administration Is Finagling With Lawyer’s Paperwork

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Creator Of Film That Democrats & Media
Blamed For Benghazi Still In Jail 8 Months Later

Hume: For Benghazi To Become A Scandal
Will Require ‘Relentless News Coverage’

Media Cover-Up: Politico Buries Libya

Obama’s Benghazi Propagandist

Mother Of Murdered Benghazi Victim Tears Into Hillary
Clinton During Emotional Interview: ‘I Blame Her’

John Bolton: Benghazi Could Bring Down Obama Administration

Only The President Could Have Made The ‘Stand Down’ Call In Benghazi

State Dept. Official: ‘The Content Had Expired’
In Withdrawn Pre-Benghazi Terrorism Report

On Eve of Benghazi Hearing, Woman Picked
To Replace Ambassador Stevens Speaks

Barack Obama

Celebrity-In-Chief: Obamas Keep Star-Studded Inauguration Party A Secret

Obama Blames Bush For His Inaction On Syria (Video)

White House Uses Guns To Take Aim At GOP


Sebelius Asks Pediatricians To Start Helping Sign People Up For Obamacare

Lawsuit Claims Obamacare Crushing Small Employers

Proof That ObamaCare Will Fuel Health Care Inflation


Four Colorado Democrats Face Recall Efforts Including Evie Hudak

Obama Commerce Pick Funded Ayers’ Pet Project

Pentagon Began Relationship With Anti-Christian Extremist In 2009

Is Sheila Jackson Lee Too DUMB To Be In Congress?

ILLEGAL Immigration

ICE  ‘Can’t Deal’ With The 4.5 Million Visa Overstays Already In The US [VIDEO]

American Workers In Georgia Sue Farmers For Hiring
Foreign Workers Over Unemployed U.S. Workers

Cost Of Amnesty To U.S. Taxpayers: $6.3 Trillion

The Idea That Amnesty Will Produce New Taxpayers
And Wipe Out The Cost Is Pathetically Wrong

ICE Agent Suing Obama: ‘Mr. President,
You’ve Overstepped Your Boundaries’

Democrat-Activist Media

Salon: It Was Fox News ‘Pushing Bogus Story Lines On Benghazi’

Coulter: Media Are Now Obama’s Bodyguards
Protecting Him ‘From The Dumb Things  He Does’

Imagine That: Establishment Press Failed To Find Or Report
Colbert Busch’s  Far-Left Tweets, Jailing For Contempt

Too Little, Too Late: Press Plays Catchup On Benghazi Scandal

CNN Op-Ed: NRA A “Festering Pool Of Anger And Fear”

MSNBC Panel Makes Rare Admission Of Liberal Bias And Double Standard

 Jon Stewart Mocks NRA For Taking Terrorism, Constitution Seriously

CNN Mentions Jodi Arias Trial 44 Times, Kermit Gosnell Twice

NBC’s Guthrie: Obama ‘Deeply Disappointed’ By Gun Bill
Failure, But At Least He Passed ObamaCare

MSNBC Host Calls NRA Members “Reality Challenged”