Must Know Headlines


Gosnell Jury Hears About Baby Surviving Abortion Struggling In Toilet

Report: Muslim Cleric Invited To Pray Over
Fallen SEALs Damns Them During Service

Ted Cruz Seeks To Ban Illegal Immigrants In U.S. From Citizenship

 Stats: Gun Crime Plummets Over Last Two
Decades; Poll: Public Totally Clueless

How The ‘Marketplace Fairness Act’ Could Tax Your 401(k)

A Freedom Fighter Who Stands Up For Oppressed Muslim
Women Isn’t Welcome In Canada — While Islamic Terrorists Are

Barack Obama

Liberal Media Spin Benghazi Scandal To Protect Team Obama

Obama Administration Blocked Rescue Effort
While Benghazi Burned, Congress Told

Second Obama Green Venture In Weeks Folds After Getting Millions

Police Commissioner: (Obama) Feds Didn’t Share Intel On
Boston Bombing Suspects Before Attack

Obama’s Demeaning Commencement Address 

Unreal… Obama To High School Kids “I’m Going To Need
Your Help To Lean On Elected Representatives” (Video)

Obama Raffles Are Back

Texas Has Sued Obama Admin 24 Times

The Texas Economic Lesson Obama Refuses To  Learn


Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly Raise $11 Million For Gun Control

Education Department Slashes ‘Father,’ ‘Mother’ From Student Aid Forms

Team Obama Calls Global Warming Doubters ‘Crazy’

Dem Congresswoman: Obamacare Will Improve Marriages

State Department In Contact With Shabazz Family, Not Benghazi Families

Pelosi Won’t Visit Troops, Blames Sequestration


Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Seeks Another
$125 Million To Implement Obamacare

Obamacare Causes Virginia Adjunct Faculty
Wages To Be Capped At $17,000

HHS Budgets $150m To Teach People How To Enroll In ObamaCare

Boehner, McConnell Won’t Help President Staff Obamacare Death Panel

 Dem Congresswoman: Obamacare Will Improve Marriages

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Interest Is Only Difference Between Ohio
Kidnappings & Philadelphia Abortion Doctor

Cher’s Mother Decided Not To Abort Her At Last Minute

MSNBC: No Live Coverage For Benghazi Hearings;
Gave Hillary  5 1/2 Hours In  Jan., Praised Performance

Offensive: NYT’s Dowd Compares Air Force Officer
Charged With Sexual Battery To Clarence Thomas

NBC’s Jonathan Alter: “People Could Die” Because Of Sequestration

NY Times Idiocy! We’re Not Liberal-It’s Fox News’ Fault
(The “Grey Lady” Is A Tired Old Whore)


New Graduates Heading Back To Parents’ Houses

Latino Student Group Says Eating Tacos Is Offensive To Mexicans