Must Know Headlines


Benghazi Plus IRS Audits Prove That The
Obama Campaign Was In Panic Mode In 2012

 1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps
From U.S. Gov’t — $2 Billion In 2012

Forensic Evidence Shows Tsarnaev Brothers Were
Involved In Murder of 3 Jews On September 11

American Professor Who Hates America Stabbed
In Cairo By Muslim Who Also Hates America

New Jersey Dems Caught On Hot Mic Wanting To ‘Confiscate,
Confiscate, Confiscate  … Their Little Guns’

Abortionist/Murderer Of Newborns

Gosnell Jury Hears Testimony A Second Time
About Baby Struggling In Toilet

Details Of Kermit Gosnell Abortion Horrors
Taking Emotional Toll On Jury

Rep. Blackburn: Why Won’t Media Cover ‘One Of The
Most Tragic Murder Stories Of Our Time?’

IRS Targets Tea Party Groups

The IRS Just Admitted That It Targets Dissidents

IRS Won’t Say Whether It Will Discipline Employees
Over Targeting Of Tea Party Groups

Jay Carney Blames George W. Bush For IRS Targeting Conservatives

Tea Party Groups To IRS: ‘Apology Not Accepted’

Landmark’s Letter To Treasury Demanding Investigation
Into IRS Intimidation Of Tea Party Groups (March 23, 2012)

Ways And Means To IRS: ‘Provide All Communications Containing Words
‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriot,’ Or ‘Conservative’—By Wednesday


Top Obama Official’s Brother Is President Of CBS News,
May Drop Reporter Over Benghazi Coverage

 Obama Went To Fundraiser The Day After Benghazi Attack

Man Who Created Video Obama & Hillary Blamed
For Benghazi Attacks Sits In Jail 8 Months Later

Kerry: Job Development Really What Benghazi Was About,
Didn’t Follow Benghazi Hearing This Week

Jay Carney: We Only Made One Change To The
Benghazi Talking Points Memo (Video)

Hey, They Only Changed The Benghazi Talking Points TWELVE TIMES

Paul: Benghazi Failure Should Keep Hillary From ‘Ever Holding Office’

Benghazi E-Mail ‘Coverup’

White House: Benghazi Talking Points Edits Not Politically Motivated

Despite Appearances, Hillary Didn’t Testify Under Oath About Benghazi
When She Made Material Misrepresentations As To Facts

ILLEGAL Immigration

What’s With The Biometric Database Buried In Immigration Bill?

Rubio Deceives The Public On Amnesty Bill — Again

Democrat-Leaning Senate Judiciary
Committee Balks At Enforcement


 Obama: $1 Trillion In Obamacare Spending Is Historic ‘Tax Cut’

W.H. Marks Mother’s Day By Celebrating Free Birth Control

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Karen Finney Claims GOP
Responsible For Benghazi Attack

Bozell To Media: Pretend Obama Is A Republican And Investigate Benghazi

On Twitter, Terry Moran Slams ‘Nixonian Abuse Of Power
By The Obama  Administration’; His Own Show Skips Story

CNN Gives 30 Times More Coverage To
Tabloid Stories Than Benghazi Hearing

Top Obama Official’s Brother Is President Of CBS News,
May Drop Reporter Over Benghazi Coverage

Washington Post Tweets Expose Liberal Bias On Benghazi

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith Explains Motive
Behind White House Libya Coverup

 Woah: CNN Now Saying Talking Points Were
Edited Down To Something ‘Totally Untrue’