Must Know Headlines


Soldiers In A Forgotten War—
Reservists Prepare To Ship Out To Afghanistan

Obama IRS

Obama’s IRS— Six Times The IRS Has Been Accused Of
Punishing President Obama’s Political Opponents

Senior IRS Officials Knew Tea Party Groups Were Being Targeted

Report: IRS Flagged Groups Involved In ‘Educating On The Constitution’

Palin: ‘Corrupt’ IRS Also Tasked With Enforcing Obamacare

‘The IRS: First They Came For The Tea Partiers, Then They Came For The Jews’

Flashback: Media Ridiculed Claims IRS Targeted Conservatives


 Slain Benghazi Officer’s Mom: Obama, Clinton, Rice ‘All Told Me
About The Reason This Happened Was The Video’ – ‘They Were Hugging Me’

 Carney Still Denies White House Role In Changing Benghazi Talking Points

Pelosi: GOP Has “Obsession” With Benghazi,
“We Cannot Let It Soak Up All Of Congressional Attention”

Senior Democrat On The House Armed Services Committee
Says GOP Obsessed With Benghazi

Benghazi Whistle-Blower A Democrat, Voted For Hillary And Obama Twice

Democrat Kucinich: Obama’s Libya Policy To Blame
For Death Of Four Americans In Benghazi

Thee Benghazi Scandal Grows:
State Department, the CIA, the White House …..

Lt. Gen. WIlliam Boykin On Benghazi Massacre:
“The Order To Engage Troops Has To Come From The President”

Democrat-Activist Media

SNL Mocks Benghazi Hearings; Replaces
Whistleblowers With Murderer Jodi Arias

[VIDEO] Watch How NBC, CBS, And ABC Evening
News Shows Covered Benghazi Talking Points Scandal

CNN Gives 30 Times More Coverage To
Tabloid Stories Than Benghazi Hearing

Morning Shows Binge on Tabloid Criminal Trials:
56 Minutes vs. 7 for Benghazi Hearings

Even Now, Washington Post’s Libya Coverup Continues

Media Bias Results In Few Americans Following Gosnell Murder Trial

Barack Obama

White House Celebrates Mother’s Day
Promoting HHS Abortion Mandate

What’s Obama’s Problem With Working Mothers?

Obama: $1 Trillion In Obamacare Spending Is Historic ‘Tax Cut’

Flashback — Obama On Benghazi: ‘Ultimately … I’m Responsible’

Transparency? White House Reportedly Holds Secret
Meeting With Media Prior To Benghazi Press Briefing

ILLEGAL Immigration

 Gang Of Eight’s Comprehensive Immigration Fraud

Buried In Immigration Bill: Immediate U.S. Entry For Millions

300 Immigration Amendments Ignore $3,000 Hiring Edge For New Legals