Must Know Headlines


As Key Justification For ‘Gang Of Eight’ Bill Is Challenged,
Immigration Reporters Stay Silent

DREAMers From Afghanistan Crossing Mexican Border Into US

Memo Reading For Idiots: Missing Video Hidden In Third Edit

Tea Party Leader: Heads Must Roll Over IRS Scandal

The Fed Cannot Employ, It Can Only Inflate

Saudi Arrested With Pressure Cooker And Altered Passport
At Detroit Airport, Lied To Border Protection Agent

Barack Obama

Obama Justice Dept. Seized Call Records From More
Than 20 Associated Press Phone Lines


Obama Commits To 20 Fundraisers

Obama Digs In On Benghazi: ‘There’s No There There’

Obama  Sinks To ‘Political Circus’ Tag For Libya Probe

Obama: State Dep’t. That Didn’t Interview
Clinton ‘Investigated Every Element’ Of Benghazi

Cheney: White House ‘Lied’ On Benghazi, ‘Worst Incident’


Health Insurers Predict 100%-400% Obamacare Rate Explosion

California’s ObamaCare Exchange Engages In $458 Mil Contractor Coverup


Murdered Thousands, Convicted For Three:
The Kermit Gosnell Verdict

9 Of 12 Jurors In Gosnell Trial Are ‘Pro-Choice’ 

A Verdict Doesn’t End The Gosnell Story


Obama Spokesman Says White House Notified Of IRS Investigation
In April – So How Did Obama Not Know Until Last Week?

Carney:  White House Has ‘No Knowledge’ Of
DOJ Efforts To Obtain AP Phone Records

The Most Transparent Administration Ever:
This Redacted Freedom Of Information Request Is Unbelievable

Democrat Senators On Tape: ‘Confiscate, Confiscate’:
‘All They Want To Do Is Have Their Little Guns And Do Whatever They Want’

U.S. Gives 1/3 of Puerto Rico Food Stamps

The Video That Could Make Jay Carney Curl Up In The Fetal Position

59 Congress Members Demand Hagel Explain
Meeting With Anti-Christian Extremist

Black Caucus Chair Asks Judge To Go
Easy On “Charming” Jackson Jr.

Democrat-Activist Media

DOJ Seized Associated Press Telephone Records

NPR Anchor Tries To Describe First Obama
Term As ‘Remarkably Scandal-Free’

The Problem With Modern Journalism

NPR’s Weekend News Shows Skipped Any Journalism On Obama
Scandals — But Found  Six Minutes For Rhino Horns

FLASHBACK: NBC’s Dr. Nancy Orders
Obama’s IRS to Go After Catholic Bishops

MSNBC’s Hayes: GOP Pursuing ‘Fake’ ‘Witch Hunt’
Benghazi Over ‘Big, Bad, Scary’  IRS Scandal

Daily Beast Implores Obama White House To Fend Off
‘Industrial-Strength Insane’  GOP Impeachers

For The Obama Administration And The
Mainstream Media, Everything’s Relative

Finally: 56 Days Later, ABC Ends Blackout
And Covers Gosnell ‘House Of Horrors’

WaPo’s Jackson Diehl Is Wrong On Benghazi

Obama’s Hubris- Suckled At The Teat Of The Mainstream Media

Chuck Todd On IRS Story: ‘Where’s The Outrage?’

CNN: Decision To Scrub Terror Reference From
#Benghazi Talking Points Made At White House Meeting

Joe Klein: Hillary’s ‘One Of The Most Experienced
Candidates We’ve Ever Had Running For President’