Must Know Headlines


Obama Aide: ‘Irrelevant Fact’ Where President Was During Benghazi Attacks

  Full Spin Mode On IRS, Benghazi,
AP Scandals As WH Advisor Does ‘Full Ginsburg’

Washington Hits The $16.7 Trillion Debt Ceiling With $300 Billion In New Debt

Outgoing IRS Chief: Taxes Voluntary

 CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson Says Team Obama ‘Perfected’ Delaying
Info Release And Has ‘Quit Talking To Me Altogether’

Pentagon Spends $900K Per Inmate At Gitmo

ILLEGAL Immigration

EXPOSED: ICE Documents Reveal Agency
Released Hundreds Of Illegal Alien Criminals

Amnesty Will Legalize 32 Million + Add 25 Million Guest Workers

Ed Meese: We’ve Seen The Effect Of “Amnesty” Before

Obama IRS Scandal

Today’s O-Bombshell: IRS Sued For Seizing 60 Million Medical Records

Uh Oh. The IRS Lied About Existence Of Tea Party
Documents To Avoid FOIA Request

ObamaCare, Tea Party Targeter Run By Same IRS Exec

IRS Gave Obama Foundation Fast, Retroactive Non-Profit
Approval While Stalling Conservative Applications

Documents Prove IRS Harassment Of Pro-Life Groups Dates To 2009

Top Obama Official On IRS Scandal: “The Law Is Irrelevant” (Video)

Celia Roady Spills The Beans – Admits Being Asked By Lois Lerner
To Ask Planted Question That Broke IRS Scandal

Jindal: Send IRS Officials Who Targeted Conservatives To Jail

IRS Targeted Pro-Life Group Earlier Than Claimed

Has Your Group Been Targeted? The IRS Under The Obama
Has Been Illegally Targeting Conservative & Tea Party Groups

Catholic Scholar: IRS Asked Who Paid Me To Write Anti-Obama Articles


Durbin Asked IRS’ Shulman To Probe ‘Several’ Conservative 501(c)(4) Groups In 2010

Michelle Obama’s Food Police Now Hitting Museums, Zoos And Gardens

Videos Of Filthy Hippies Being Filthy But NOT Farming At “Occupy The Farm”

 Prison Poetry Website Locks Down $75,000 NEA Grant

Your Tax Dollars At Work… US Embassy Produces ‘Gangnam Style’ Video To Push Visas

Democrat-Activist Media

Sharpton: The “Actual Scandal” This Week Is
Republicans Trying To Repeal Obamacare

Typical: MSNBC’s Bashir, Reid Try To Blame Bush For IRS Scandal

WashPost ‘On Faith’ Editor Sally Quinn Blames Female-Hating
Christians For A Military Culture Of Sexual Assault

Anti-Second Amendment Bill Maher: ‘I Ain’t Giving Up My Gun’

Media Matters Denies Involvement In Its Own AP Talking Points

Bill  Maher: GOP Guilty Of ‘Treason’; Michael Moore: ‘They Hate America’

ABC Wants To Move On From IRS Scandal:
‘White House Firing Back’ And ‘Feels A Lot Better’