Must Know Headlines


Medical Records It Stole From California Company

 NYT Lawyer: Obama Worse Than Nixon,
‘Worst President Ever’ On Press Freedom

RUSH: The IRS Scandal Was Suppressed Last Year
Because It Would Have Had A HUGE Effect On The Election

Politico Reporter: IRS Targeting Of Tea Party ‘Easily Influenced’ 2012 Election

Feds Set New Debt Limit At $16.699 Trillion

When Did We Vote To Become Mexico?

House Votes To Speed Up Keystone Pipeline:
Here’s Everyone Who Voted For And Against It

Obama IRS

Why Did Former IRS Commish Visit White House 118 Times In 2 Years?

Congressman: IRS Used ‘Soviet-Style Intimidation’

IRS Official: I Did Nothing Wrong, But I Plead The Fifth Anyway

Shulman Never Looked Into IRS Targeting,
Though 132 Congressmen Contacted Him  [VIDEO]

Another IRS Scandal: Two ‘Sentenced For
Unemployment Insurance Fraud’

IRS Hasn’t Reprimanded A Single Staffer
For Targeting Pro-Life Groups

Fox WXIX Cincinnati Identifies IRS Agents Involved In Targeting

Time To Go For The Kill: IRS Scandal Means House
Republicans Can Defund Obamacare For Good

National Review: IRS Targeting Adoptive Parents For Audit

Barack Obama

King And Queen Obama Host Another Party
At White House With Carole King

Obama’s Long History Of Scandals–And Escapes

Penny Pritzker, Obama Commerce Secretary
Nominee Understated Income By $80 Million

Obama’s White House Counsel Kathyrn Ruemmler Is The New Fall Girl


Jesse Watters Quizzes Obama Fans On Latest Scandals

Howard Dean: Benghazi Scandal ‘Laughable Joke’

Obama Administration Calls For The ‘Human Rights’ Of Jihadi Murderers

Approval Rate for Illegal Immigrants Applying For Deferred Action Over 99%

Big Hospitals’ Obamacare Deal Betrays Seniors And The Poor

Top FBI Agent & Federal Prosecutor Leading Special Meeting In
Response To An Offensive —To Muslims— Internet Posting

Democrat-Activist Media

Columnists Who Met With White House Tuesday Write Same Thing Wednesday

ABC And CBS Ignore Obama Administration Investigating FNC’s James Rosen

MO News Station Fires Anchor Who Talked About IRS Shakedown

Hollywood Moonbats Star In Video Slamming
Republicans For Opposing Abortion

NBC’s Lauer Uses Oklahoma Tornado To Bash GOP Over Sandy Relief

 Maddow Freaked Out By ‘Very, Very, Very, Very,
Very, Very, Very, Very  Conservative’ GOP Candidates

Bill Nye Is Still The Weather Idiot Guy


A Call To Service, Glenn Beck Leading By Example