Must Know Headlines


The Facts About Food Stamps Everyone Should Hear

 Up To 75% Could Be Hit By Obamacare Tax

Study: Immigration Bill Legalizes 45% Of ICE’s Criminal Caseload

30 Inches Of Snow In Late May

‘Idol’ Worship: Mass. Town Throws Costly Parade For
Hometown Pop Singer, Then  Cancels Memorial Day Parade!

Boy Scouts: One Of America’s Strongest Voices For
Traditionalism Surrenders To Political Correctness

 Yet Another Woman Says She Was Held As A Domestic
Slave By Saudi Diplomats In Virginia

 Dearborn, MI: Hotel Hosting Banquet For Muslim Organization Evacuated
In ‘Bomb Scare’ After Pressure Cooker Is Found In Bathroom

 Barack Obama

Obama Surrenders Just As Islamic Jihad Intensifies

Obama Hosts Illegal Aliens in Oval Office –
After Refusing Meeting with Immigration Agents 

Chaffetz: Obama Admin Covering Up Benghazi

Obama Had A Secret Meeting With Liberal Journalists
On National Security, Michelle Malkin Not Included 

Hume: Obama Creates “Howling Conflict Of Interest”

Frack-ture: Obama Tries To Kill U.S. Energy


Holder DOJ Went Judge Shopping To Three Different Judges
Armed With Criminal Warrants For James Rosen

Congressional Dems: No Need For Special Prosecutor In IRS Scandal

 Dem Rep. Johnson To PJM: Obama Wouldn’t
‘Use A Federal Agency For Political Purposes’

John Kerry Reveals $4 Billion Plan To Boost
The Economy . . . For The Palestinians

Democrat-Activist Media

How Liberal Media Profit From Supporting Democrats

MSNBC Analyst Calls Virginia GOP Lieutenant
Governor Nominee A “Black Puppet”

Mother Jones Very Concerned African-American Murderers, Rapists,
And Pedophiles Targeted By Racist GOP Food Stamp Cut

NYTimes Weeps For The Obamacare Lobbyists

Washington Post Downplays Death Of Woman From Botched Legal Abortion

Matthews: Ted Cruz Is The ‘Wild, Nasty Hard-Right Fringe’ Of GOP

Alan Colmes – ‘Only A Handful’ Of  Tea Party Groups
Were Targeted By IRS 


 London: War Memorials Defaced With Islam Graffiti [Photos]

Stabber Of French Soldier Prayed Before He Stabbed