Must Know Headlines


The Veiled Anti-American Sentiment Of Open Borders Politicians

Report: School District Scanned Children’s Eyes
For Bus Program Without Permission

14-Year Old Boy Faces 1 Year In Jail For Wearing NRA T-Shirt

Tom Francois Says Secret Service Goons Went To His
Home Because Of  Twitter Posts Criticizing Obama

The New American Enemies List

 17 Reasons The $17 Trillion Debt Is Still A Big Deal

 Tired Of Soaring Spending, Rising Debt, And
Non-Stop  Scandal? Try Limited Government

More Than Half Of Senators Didn’t Attend
Classified Briefing On NSA Surveillance

Obama Spies

Greenwald Slams Media For Backing Obama’s Domestic
Surveillance When They Opposed Bush’s

How Obama’s Allies Shed Their Objections To
Extraordinary Government Surveillance

Obama IRS

IRS Targeting Coincided With Obama’s Bashing Of Groups

Contradicting IRS Claims, D.C. Supervisor Personally
Scrutinized Tea Party Tax-Exempt Applications


Obamacare’s Insurance “Solution”: Medicaid For All

Report: Obamacare Loophole To Hammer Low-Wage Workers

‘Obamacare’ Benefits Mandate Could Further Phase Out Full-Time Work

Barack Obama

Obama’s Hometown: 26 Shot On Chicago Father’s Day Weekend

Obama Headed To Ireland To Organize For Uniform Tax Laws

Obama Lies America Into Another War

Obama: ‘I Am Unhappy That I Will Not
Get A Few Rounds In While I’m Here’

Obama Golfs For 128th Time In Less Than 5 Years As President,
Bush Golfed 24 Times In His 8 Years As Prez


Obama Doesn’t Have a Syria Plan So Why is He
Committing America To Another War?

Happy Father’s Day: President Tweets Photo
Playing With Daughter & Toy Guns


Obama State Dept Accused Of Covering Up Another Sex Scandal

Hillary’s Tenure Stained As Scandals Pile Up

Dem-Controlled Detroit Defaults

Al Gore: Keystone Pipeline An ‘Atrocity’

Landrieu’s Son Arrested On DWI, Hit-And-Run Charges

Out-Of-Touch Elitists: 10 Pathetically Stupid Shopping
Mistakes Democrats Made In The SNAP Challenge! 

 Democrat-Activist Media

AP, Politico, Others Ignoring CNET Scoop: ‘NSA Admits
Listening To U.S. Phone Calls Without  Warrants’

CBS News Compares Iranian Candidates To Tea Party

#Savage Mona Eltahawy Is Now CNN “Freedom Expert”

CNN Originally Calls IRS Targeting ‘The Forgotten Scandal,’
Wipes ‘Forgotten’  Away In Revisions

CBS’s Scott Pelley Underestimates Fox News Ratings By 90% 


Putin Cites Syrian Rebel Mutilation Video:
‘Are These The People You Want To Support?’