16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


 ObamaCare Monitors Your Sex Life

Abortion Workers Talk About “Sucking The Brains Out”
Of Babies In Abortions

Union Leaders Backed Obamacare —
And Undermined Their Members’ Insurance

Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To
Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits

SSA: $1.29 Billion In Disability Overpayments
A ‘Small Payment Error’

Prof Offers Class Help To ‘STUDENTS OF COLOR ONLY’

When Did Military Bases Become ‘Gun-Free Zones’?

How America Morphed Into ‘Bizarro World’


State Department Obstructs Benghazi Investigation,
Refuses To Hold Memorial Service

New Benghazi Report Finds ‘Troubling’ Gaps In State Dept. Review

NBC’s Todd: House Republicans ‘Have Not Dropped’ Benghazi

Barack Obama

5 Ways Obama Has Trampled The Constitution

Another Obama Green Energy Co. Goes Bust!
ECOtality Added To Obama’s Loser List

Energy Production Up In Spite Of  Obama, Not Because Of Him

Obama Uses Naval Yard Shooting To Stoke Fear,
Push Anti-Gun Agenda

Putin’s Right: There’s Nothing Exceptional About Obama’s America

Obama Feds Release Thousands Of Immigrants Who Are Sex Offenders


Obama, Feinstein Reignite Fight For Gun Control
After Navy Yard Shooting

Carney Uses D.C. Naval Yard Shooting To Push For Gun Control

Left Immediately Blames NRA, Not Enough
Gun Control For Navy Yard Shooting

Holder, IRS Officials Spoke At Political Training Session For
Black Ministers
That Detailed ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy’

Obama Inc. Orders Movie Theaters To Install Technology For The Blind

Common Core Inspires Students To …Strive For Mediocrity

Barack Obama

Obama Waives Ban On Arming Terrorists
To Allow Aid To Syrian Jihadis

Our Non-Serious President

Increased Health Costs Under Obamacare
‘Hasn’t Happened,’ Obama Says

Food Nazi First Lady To Demand Companies
Stop Marketing “Unhealthy” Food To Children

 Despite Mass Shooting At Navy Yard Obama
Delivers Partisan Economic Speech

Democrat-Activist Media

This Is CNN: Fort Hood Never Happened; Anchor Can’t
Remember the Last Shooting At ‘U.S. Military Facility’

Time Magazine Shields America From Obama’s Syria Failure

USA Today Pairs Bad News In Obamacare Poll With Blame For
Republicans; Compares Them To Antebellum Slave States

AP Pushes Gun Control Debate After Navy Yard Shooting

Surprise! Piers Morgan Rips NRA ‘Cowards,’
Begs Obama To Take ‘Action’ Against  Mass Shootings

CBS, NBC Release ‘Name’ Of Shooter; Retract, Delete Tweets
*UPDATE* Todd Blames ID Found Near ‘Dead Gunman’


 The Opposition In Washington Is Under
Intensifying Pressure From The Ruling Class

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