16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Report: IRS Flagged “Anti-Obama” Language In Groups’ Literature

OBAMA COVER-UP? CIA Employee Is Suspended
For Refusing To Sign Benghazi Non-Disclosure

Global Warming Scientists: We Were Wrong

U.S. History Textbook Guts The Second Amendment

The Nation’s Fiscal Crisis Just Got Far Worse

‘Dreamer’ Promoted By Durbin Laughs About
Using US Flag As Prop For ‘Messaging’

Meet A Rising Political Star: Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon

Report: 52 Felons Gained Access To Military Bases

Navy Yard Shooter

AR-15 Was Used In Navy Yard Shooting…By Police To Stop Aaron Alexis

FRIEND: Navy Yard Shooter Liberal, Supported Obama

Barack Obama

Obama Firing Off More Executive Orders

 CBO Report’s Facts Speak Louder Than Obama’s
Spending And Debt Crisis Denial

Black Donors Forced Nearly All-White
Obama Campaign To Recruit Black Aide


Democrats Act To Stop Vitter Amendment,
Keep Obamacare Exemptions For Congress

Reid Claims Congress and Staff Will Be Treated
The ‘Same’ As Public Under Obamacare

Hoyer Compares Hostage-Taking To Debt Limit Fight

State Dep’t Still Saying Most Syrian Rebels Are ‘Moderates’


Obamacare: Sebelius Goes From ‘Will Get Covered’ To ‘Can’ To ‘May’

Obamacare Will “Railroad” Americans Into
Paying For Abortions On October 1

Obamacare Ad Costs Taxpayers $3.2 Million

Obamacare Insurance Ad Features Guy Getting Horrific Wedgie


Democrat-Activist Media

Establishment Press Virtually Ignores Occupy Movement’s
Second Anniversary Call  To ‘End Capitalism’


New York Times Gets It Wrong, Media Obsessed
With Linking AR-15 With Navy Yard Shooter

MSNBC Still Airing Debunked Graphic Showing
Navy Yard Shooter With AR-15

BuzzFeed Falsely Claims AR-15 Used In Navy Yard Shooting

NY Daily News Attempts To Blame AR-15
For Naval Yard Shooting… Failure Ensues

CNN’s Carol Costello Flubs Navy Yard Shooting Coverage [Video]

Associated Press Falls Out Of Boat, Misses Water

MSM Covering For Obama’s Syria Disaster

Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Newsroom’ Takes Last Shot At Conservatives,
Dubs Them Homophobic, Anti-Science

Scarborough Lashes Out Over Obama’s Econ Speech: Liberals ‘Would Be Killing
George W.’ if He Gave A Partisan Speech Like That During A Tragedy

Superficial GMA Devotes More Time To Britney Spears,
‘Dancing With the Stars’ Than Massacre


“CHRISTIANS WILL BE MASSACRED”: If Syrian Army Leaves Aleppo,
Faithful Will Be Killed, Chaldean Catholic Leader Warns

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