Must Know Headlines


Revealed: The Obama FBI’s Illicit Partnership With CAIR

Prison Inmates Collecting Millions In Unemployment Cash

New Carbon Emission Rules Will Devastate The Coal Industry

Grand Theft Auto V Robbers Intended To Rob A ‘Cracker’

Jindal Ad: Keep Feds Out Of Health Care, Education

Arizona To Deny Drivers Licenses To ALL Illegal Aliens
Granted ‘Deferred Deportation’ By Obama

 Same Contractor Vetted Snowden, Navy Yard Shooting Suspect


ACORN’s Former Chief Calls For More Immigration
To Boost Black Power

Democrat Official: ‘May Your Children Die’:
Honcho Wishes ‘Debilitating, Painful Diseases’ On Ted Cruz Family

Wisconsin Teacher Has Elementary School Students
Draw Anti-Scott Walker Cartoons

Dem Mayor PeeWee Richardson Charged With Multiple Sex Crimes

Administration’s Benghazi Review Board Discredits
Itself In Congressional Hearing

Union Gangster And Former “Car Czar” To Advise Retirees
Facing Benefit Cuts In Detroit Bankruptcy Case

Spitting On Their Graves: Democrats Leave Benghazi
Hearing Before Testimony From Families Of Victims

 Dem.  Sen. Manchin: Obama’s New Coal Regs Will Cost Jobs

Food Stamps

The Truth About The House $39 Billion Food Stamp Cuts

Cantor: GOP Food Stamps Bill Says
Able-Bodied People Should Work

Barack Obama

Obama Administration Threatens The Dreams
Of Low-Income Students In Louisiana

Obama Struggles With Debt Talk At Ford Plant:
‘If We Don’t Raise The Debt Ceiling, We’re Deadbeats’

Obama Calls Boehner To Tell Him He Won’t
Negotiate With Him On Debt Limit

 Obama Admin: Deadlines For Syria Chem
Weapons Agreement Optional

Our Narcissistic President “The GOP Is Messing With Me”


Obamacare Software Glitch Providing Wrong Prices

Chuck Schumer To GOP: ‘We Will Not Blink’ On Obamacare

Ted Cruz Outlines Game Plan: Fund Government
Piece By Piece, Leave Obamacare Out

Democrat-Activist Media

Man Falsely ID’d As Navy Yard Shooter Speaks Out:
CBS & NBC Haven’t Even Apologized To Me

Washington Post Distorts Commission Probe Of Benghazi

Huffington Post Doubles Down On False Cruz Attack
Over Obamacare Defunding

Little Media Lies About ObamaCare

AP Headline Whitewashes KU Prof’s Placement On Leave Over
Wishing Sons And Daughters Of NRA Members Dead

Networks That Touted Tom DeLay’s 2010 Conviction
Now Silent About His Acquittal

Cranky Bob Schieffer: Anti-ObamaCare GOPers Are Like
Japanese WWII Vets Who  Don’t Know Fight Is ‘Over’

‘How Stupid Is Ted Cruz?’ Is Martin Bashir’s Line
Of The Day; Time To Compare Transcripts? 

HuffPo Author Lashes Out On Twitter After Critical Breitbart Story


[VIDEO] Peter King (RINO) Really Hates Ted Cruz

Godless Vandals Decapitate Church Statuary