Must Know Headlines


Public School Students Punished For Wearing U.S. Flag T-Shirts 

Without A Meaningful Course  Correction, U.S. Is Doomed

Family Can’t Put ‘Jesus’ On Grave Marker:
‘The Cemetery Director Told Us That It Might Offend Somebody’

Economists: Internal Stagnation Is Biggest Threat To America

‘What Do America’s College Students Want? They Want To Be Oppressed’

Dana Loesch Defends Washington Redskins’ Name: ‘Mascots Are Tributes’

Fast And Furious—Still Infuriating


The Growing Terror Threat From Radical Women Converts

More Boston Bombings On Tap, Experts Warn

ILLEGAL Immigration

Obama To House: Now Let’s Negotiate Citizenship For Illegals

Soros-Funded Group Plans ‘Fly-In’ To Push House Republicans On Amnesty

Business Groups Preparing To Fight Conservatives Over Immigration

 Zuckerberg’s Lobby Group Announces Hackathon With Illegal Immigrants



Figures. Obamacare Will Force Many Americans To Earn Less

Just 1% Of Visitors Successfully Enrolled In Obamacare

Obamacare By The Numbers

Obama Didn’t Call Experts To Fix
Because Of Fear GOP Would Find Out 

Barack Obama

Obama’s DHS Appointee: Career Lawyer, Political Crony
Who OK’d Drone Strikes On Americans

Barack Obama And The Bad Ideas Of Progressivism:
What Lies Behind A President’s Serial Gross Incompetence

Keith Koffler: Barack Obama, Angry Young Man


FLASHBACK: Obama 1995 Interview: My Salvation Cannot
Come About Without Collective Salvation For Country

Too Bad Obama Didn’t Follow His Own Advice From
A Few Years Ago To Avoid Shutdown

Democrat-Activist Media

Clueless Media Illustration: Judy Miller

IT’S A TRAP: Media Focus On Obamacare Glitches
To Misdirect From Obamacare Victims

Networks Blamed Shutdown On GOP In 41 Stories — 0 For Dems

Media Call Dead Newborn Baby Found In Teen Girls’ Shopping Bag A “Fetus”

As Shutdown Ends, NBC Invites GOP Moderates To Bash Conservatives

MSNBC’s Matthews: Tea Party Racist By Using Word ‘We’

Daily Kos: Kick The Poo-Smearing Tea Party Perverts

 MSNBC’s Ball: ‘Frightening’ That ‘Radical’ GOPers ‘Didn’t Learn A Lesson’

 Piers Morgan Asks If Dems Will ‘Unleash’
Cory Booker On ‘Renegade’ Ted Cruz


Harry Reid (D) Unloads On Ted Cruz: ‘He’s A Laughingstock’