Must Know Headlines


Obama White House To Launch New Office
To Help Democrats In 2014 Elections

‘Schindler’s List’ Producer Rips Obama’s ‘Soviet’ Tactics:
Decries ‘Political Prosecution’ Of Conservative Filmmaker

Gun Owners, You’ll Want To Know About The Massive
Database This Newspaper Company Is Building

TURNAROUND! $1 Billion Surplus In Wisconsin…
Gov. Scott Walker Returning It To Taxpayers

The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce vs. America

ILLEGAL Immigration

Homeland Security Secretary (D):
Illegals Have ‘Earned Right To Be Citizens’

Backdoor Amnesty: Deportation Cases Closed By
‘Prosecutorial Discretion’ Up Almost 70

Sen. Sessions: House Republicans Must Defend American Workers
Against Amnesty, Expose Influence Of Special Interest Groups

Limbaugh: GOP Leadership ‘Thugs’ For Pushing Amnesty
Against The Will Of The People

Fox News Publishes Push Poll, Pushes Amnesty

Barack Obama

Obama Solicits Ideas For Ways To Sidestep Congress

Obama Administration Bars Scribes From Public Meeting:
Reporters Blocked From Covering Jewell Enviro Event

Obama Spending $2.7 Mil to Broadcast Communist Propaganda To Vietnam

Obama’s New Norway Ambassador Knows Nothing About Norway

Obama’s ‘Operation Choke Point’ Will Only Hurt Working Poor


ObamaCARE Can Seize Deceased Medicaid
Recipients Property To Recoup Costs

More Companies Dump Employee Insurance For Obamacare

For Months, Maryland Obamacare Exchange
Listed Wrong Help Phone Number


Chuck Schumer Call On IRS To Crack Down On Tea
Party Funding: ‘Redouble Those Efforts Immediately’

Democrats Are Playing The Knockout Game: Using Government
Such As IRS, DOJ, Or State AGs To Deliver The Fatal Strikes

U.S. Senator (D) Helped Ecuadoran Fugitives
Convicted Of Stealing Millions

AG Eric Holder Tells MSNBC: Feds Must Intervene
To Stop Voter Photo ID Laws

Father Of Gay Marriage Guilty Of Child Porn
Will Keep San Fran City Pension

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Reports Al Qaeda’s Resurgence In Iraq;
Ignores Obama’s Brag They Were On ‘Path To Defeat’

Liberal Media Go Crazy Over Remarks By Mike Huckabee…That They Made Up

Word Not Found In NYT 5500 Word Hillary Profile: Benghazi

Excited Matthews: Hillary Might Win ‘Sweeping’ 2016 Landslide!

Bieber Obsessed Nets Ignore NY Times Front Page IRS Scandal Scoop

Irony: Multi-Millionaire Jon Stewart Mocks Wealthy
Businessmen Discussing Income Inequality

MSNBC’s Wagner Brings On Lizz Winstead And Sarah Silverman
To Trash Apparently Sex-Hating Pro-Lifers

ABC’s Star Drama Producer Shonda Rhimes Wants
Mike Huckabee to Wake Up With Lady Parts

Joan Walsh: Huckabee Says Women Can’t Have
Sex Unless Their Husbands Say So


Louisiana Gov. Jindal Fights Washington War On School Vouchers