Must Know Headlines


FCC Whistleblower Pai: News Bias Study
‘Suspended,’ Not ‘Canceled’

A Bible Literally Saved This 49 Year Old Bus Driver’s
Life When He Was Attacked By Gangmembers

 More College-Educated Millineals Are Jobless & Living In
Poverty Than Any 20th Century Generation At That Age

 Prosecutor Who Let NBC’s Gregory Skate
Now Hounding D.C. Man Over ONE Shotgun Shell


Sexual Abuse Of A Cow Only Gets You
A Ticket In New York

Barack Obama

Obama’s Assault On The First Amendment:
So Unconstitutional Only He Would Launch It

After Cashing In On Obama’s Executive Actions,
Rahm Emanuel Backs Idea ‘1,000 Percent’

Obama DOD To Continue Using Liberal Southern
Poverty Law Center As Training Resource

Obama Violates His Own Rules: Blows Up
Wedding Party With Drone Strike (Video)

Obama Says He’ll Make Keystone Decision In A Few Months


As His ACA Implodes, Obama Makes It Up—Illegally

MS Patient: How Obamacare Has Made Living
With Multiple Sclerosis A Living Hell

Hospital Cited By Obama As Health-Reform Model For The Nation
Accepts Only One Kind Of Insurance Plan Under Obamacare

A Florida Restaurant Has Added A
Surcharge To Pay For Obamacare

It’s Official: 65% Of Small Firms Face
ObamaCare Premium Hikes

Little Sisters Of The Poor Ask Appeals Court To
Protect Them From Obamacare HHS Mandate

Report: Cost Of Obamacare’s Server Cloud Has Quintupled 

Obama Admin Cutting Medicare Part D
And Medicare Advantage


Dem Trying To Unseat Eric Cantor Gets His
Grayson On: Tea Party And KKK Synonymous

Alabama Democrat Called Black Supreme
Court Justice ‘Uncle Tom’

Eric Holder To State Attorneys General:
You Don’t Have to Enforce Laws You Disagree With

Dem Rep Hoyer Cites Non-‘Stand Your Ground’ Cases
To Prove Problem With ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

 Democratic Donors, Unions Campaign
To Turn Texas Blue

New China Ambassador Baucus Donated $475K
To Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

EBT Card

Welfare Stoners: $5,475 Withdrawn On Food
Stamp Cards In Colorado Pot Stores

Surfer-Rocker Dude Still On Food Stamps!

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC’s ‘Blacklist’ Photoshops Fictional Criminal
Socializing With Tea Party Republicans  

Networks Allow A Scant Two Minutes For
Obama’s ‘Dramatic’ Reduction Of The Army 

Judy Woodruff’s Unfortunate Use Of
The “Anti-Immigrant” Label

Kirsten Powers Persecutes Christians, Accusing
Us Of Establishing A New Form Of ‘Jim Crow’

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker’s Top 5 Mistakes

Cosmo Magazine Says Pro-life Activists ‘Terrify’
Women Outside Abortion Clinics

Huffington Post Breaking News: Scott Walker Broke
Campaign Rules While Running For College President In 1988

The Ronan Farrow Era Begins On MSNBC:
‘Auteur’ Lena Dunham Is My ‘Hero’

CNN’s Erin Burnett Claims Only Aryan Nation Uses Word
‘Mongrel’ After Playing Clip Of Obama Using Same Word 

Will Ferrell Joins Michelle Obama For Let’s Move PSA