Must Know Headlines


Iran To Receive Another $550 Million Cash Infusion
From Obama Administration

Top General Offers Grim Outlook On Nation’s Defense

Two Oscar Voters Admit Choosing ’12 Years A Slave’
Without Actually Seeing It

NAACP Cheers Release Of Black Panther
Convicted Of Cop Killing

San Fran Gay Rights Icon Sentenced To Jail For Child Porn

Another Fake Hate Crime: Hercules Transgender Teen
Admits Making Up Story Of School Bathroom Assault

IRS Scandal

IRS Hearing, Obamacare Changes Make
America Nation Of Men, Not Of Laws

Former IRS Official Invokes 5th Again: Refuses To
Answer Questions About Targeting Of Conservatives

Trey Gowdy: TRUST ME, I’ve Been Doing This
For 16 Years; We Can Get Lois Lerner To Talk

Treasury Secretary Defends Bonuses For IRS
Employees, Calls for Additional Funding

 Lois Lerner: The Face Of Liberalism

Why Doesn’t Obama Get To The
Bottom Of The IRS Scandal?

Greta: President Obama Is Part Of
The Problem In IRS Scandal


IRS Estimates Cheapest Obamacare Plan
$20k Per Family In 2016

MORE LAWLESSNESS – Obama Gives “Sub-Standard”
Health Plans Another 2 Two Year Reprieve

Awful: Cancer Patient Discovers Recent Surgery
Wasn’t Covered Under Obamacare Plan

Obama National Field Director Uses Death
Of His Baby
To Push Obamacare

Local News Station Opens Phone Lines For 7
Hours To Obamacare Navigators [VIDEO]

Bill To Make The Fine $0 For Violating The
Individual Mandate Passes By 90 Votes

Texas Hospitals Lay Off Nurses Due To ObamaCare


Democrat Claims 99% Of White People Would
Abort Their Baby If the Father Is Black

DNC Vows To Increase Voter Rolls, Fight
Voter ID In Run-Up To Midterms

Shades Of Benghazi: Hillary Clinton Now Tries
To Walk Back Putin-Hitler Slam

Barack Obama

Study Finds Highest Income Inequality In
Cities That Voted For Obama

Obama Doesn’t Care That He’s Breaking The Law

Obama Goes On Third Vacation Of  The Year And It’s Only March

Obama Rips Dem-Controlled Senate For
Rejecting His Justice Dept. Nominee

Obama Budget Is Rainbows, Butterflies, And Unicorns


America’s  Spoiled Left Is Clueless About Ukraine’s Revolt

Obama Declines Ukraine Question, Describes His Lunch Instead

Flashback: Senator Obama Pushed Bill That Helped Destroy
More Than 15,000 
TONS Of Ammunition, 400,000 Small Arms
And 1,000 Anti-Aircraft Missiles In Ukraine

Obama Says He’s Spending Plenty Of Time
On Ukraine Crisis – At Fundraiser

Democrat-Activist Media

Politico Failed To Disclose Lobbying
Work Of Heritage Foundation Critics

Networks Never Covered German Home-School Family’s Plight

Salon: Being Fox News Fan ‘As Big A Tragedy’
For Elderly As Cancer, Alzheimer’s

Christiane Amanpour Berates Wolf Blitzer For
Quoting Russian Officials On Ukraine

MSNBC ‘s Joy Reid Ignores Her Own Definition
Of Climate To Hype Global Warming

ABC And CBS Ignore IRS Scandal Hearing;
NBC Frets Over Darrell Issa Cutting Democrat’s Mic

AP Quickly Buries Today’s Disappointing Economic
Reports, While Dispatches Understate Their Weakness


Rutgers University Faculty Council Doesn’t
Believe In Free Speech