Must Know Headlines


White House Pressures Hagel To Speed
Up Release Of Terrorist Detainees

‘Working To Free All Guantanamo Prisoners’ Tweet
From Account Of Released Soldier’s Father Deleted

High-Ranking Republicans: President Obama
Violated Law With Prisoner Exchange


Ohio Man Say VA Cost Him His Penis

VA Failure Shows Privately Run Health Care Is Better

Soldier With PTSD killed In SWAT Team Standoff
Told To Wait 30 Days For Veterans Affairs Care

 Obama Was On Veterans Affairs Committee From
2005-2008, Yet Still Feigns Ignorance Of Problems

Barack Obama

Obama Golfs With Money Buddy (174th Golf Game While Prez)
Bush Golfed 24 Times In 8 Years As Prez

Obama Ready To Have Americans
Pay For Other People’s Sex Changes

Obama Uses Sick Children To Push His Climate Agenda

5 Falsehoods And Fantasies In Obama’s West Point Speech

ILLEGAL Immigration

Report: ‘Undocumented Immigrants’
Will Be Able To ‘Join The Military’

Former Congressman And Lt. Col. Allen West
Speaks Out Against Military Amnesty

Obama ICE Document Details 36,000
Criminal Alien Releases In 2013 


 Chairwoman Of The DNC Debbie Wasserman
Shultz Just Says ‘No’ To Pro-Marijuana Push

Study: Democrats Are America’s High School Dropouts

Why Didn’t Eric Holder Fight Against This Racial Discrimination?

Adam Carolla On Liberal Hollywood: If Jimmy Fallon Was
Vocal Social Conservative, He Would Lose ‘Tonight Show’ Job  

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC: GOP Inviting Duck Dynasty Star To Conference
“Sticking To The White Racists In The Country”

Live Action Exposes Planned Parenthood
– Will Media Note?

Josh Marshall: ‘Crazy Guy’ Ben Carson May
Belong On List Of Bigoted Right-Wing Heroes

Liberal Writers Smear Religious Conservatives,
Saying Movement Was A Reaction To Desegregation

CNN Op-Ed Manages 703 Words On “Honor” Killings: No
Mention of Islam Or Muslims, Ties To Santa Barbara Killings

Michelle Obama Pens NYT Editorial,
Defends School Lunch Program


People With “Troubled Backgrounds” Run
Public Housing, $200 Mil Wasted