Must Know Headlines


Watch ‘Objective Unbiased’ Reporters CHEERING
AND APPLAUDING Global Climate Hoax Deal

Paris Climate Agreement: US Pays $100 Billion
Annually To Countries Affected By Climate Change

Medicare Now Paying To Remove Unwanted Penises

Texas Imam Says He Was Forced To Resign
Because He Agrees With Trump [VIDEO]

PICTURE GOES VIRAL Of Suspicious Man After
Several Mid-Missouri Bulk Cell Phone Purchases

Here Are the Two Afghan Pilots Still
from Georgia Air Force Base


Military Expert: America’s Leaders
Are Inviting More Terrorism

DHS Rarely Deports For Terrorism:
1,000th Of 1 % Of Cases

ILLEGAL Immigration

Twelve Undocumented Immigrants Caught
Jammed Into A Fake Border Patrol SUV

Sheriff: ‘We Are Forced To Accept’ Feds Creating
‘Small City’ Of Illegal Aliens In Texas Community

Middle Eastern Illegal Alien
Arrested With Ammunition In U.S.A

Larry Kudlow: I’ve Changed. This Is War.
Seal The Borders. Stop The Visas.

Barack Obama

Obama Will Act On Gun Control,
But No Change To Fiance Visa Program

Muslim That Obama RELEASED From Gitmo Is
Now Leading Al-QAEDA In YEMEN!

Blockbuster: DHS Whistleblower Says Obama Admin Shut
Down Probe That Would’ve Stopped San Bernardino Attack

Obama Declares: ‘We’ve Transformed The US
Into the Global Leader In Fighting Climate Change’

Paul Ryan Set To Mail Obama
Check To Bring In Muslim Refugees


REPORT: Democrats Are Pushing Legislation
For Global Right To Immigrate To US+

Go Figure: State Dept Unable To Find Emails From
Hillary’s Private Server Tech Who Took The 5th

Planned Parenthood Caught Breaking State
Law To Send Aborted Babies To Landfills


Obama Feds Asking Gay Men To Post
Selfies From The Gym To Promote Obamacare

This Nashville Deli Is Closing Because Of Obamacare

Democrat-Activist Media

AP Ignores Rabbi’s Outrageous Politicized
Invocation At White House Hanukkah Event

Boston Globe Misquotes Rand Paul To Falsely
Suggest He’s Considering Dropping Out Of Race

Video || Chris Cuomo Suggests Carly
Fiorina Responsible For Shooting

Destroy Trump: With Obama’s Terrorist Pal
Off The Table, Media Hurls Guilt-By-Association