Reporting? Liberal Media Have Much More in Mind Than That

Must Know Headlines 1.5.2010


Al-Qaeda Terrorist May Be Offered Plea Agreement:
Administration Defends Decision

Report: Freed Guantanamo Detainees Head To Yemen To Rejoin Al Qaeda

Obama’s Weak Response To Airliner Attack Increases Threat To U.S. 

State Department Using ‘Diversity Visas’ To Encourage
Immigration To U.S. From Terror-Ridden Yemen

U.S. Muslim: “I Could Cut Your Neck With The Sword Of Islam
And Watch You Squeal Like A Bitch Like Daniel Pearl”

Did Obama Politicize The Terror Database? 

Why Do We Put Our Lives In The Hands Of Those Whose Failures Are Manifest?  

Democrat-Led Government

White House: Domestic Agenda Won’t Suffer As Security Issues Take Forefront

Despite Candidate Obama’s Promise To Scour The Budget For Excess, Today’s
White House And Democratic Congress Briskly Outspend Their Predecessors

Dems Intend To Bypass GOP On Health Compromise

Harry Reid 2006: I Hate When People Try To Sneak
Secret Special Deals Into Important Senate Bills Without Debate

For Obama, Terrorism Is A Four-Letter Word: Bush

3rd Uninvited Guest Attended WH Dinner

More Census Propagandizing In The Schools: $13 Billion Kiddie Campaign

Old Media

Taxpayer-Funded Immaturity: NPR Teaches Readers ‘To Speak Tea Bag’ 

Times Publicizes A Four-Person March In Support Of Illegal Immigrants

John McLaughlin: Freedom Is ‘Most Overrated’ Political Concept 


New TSA Procedures Are Not The Answer

AMA Doesn’t Speak For Most Doctors  

 Afghanistan CIA Suicide Bomber Was Jordanian Doctor & Al-Qaeda Blogger  

Danish Cartoon Jihad: Ax Murderer For Islam

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