Must Know Headlines


Top Democrat Lobbyist Bundlers Tied To Russian Interests

Arrest Of Twitter User Could Have Serious
Implications For The World Of Internet Trolling

Atheist Woman Tells Shocking Story of Her Horrid
Treatment at a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

US Pays 22.14 % of NATO Budget;
Germany 14.65 %; 13 Allies Pay Below 1%

Saudi Prince Declares Trump A ‘True Friend Of Muslims,’
Expresses Support For Travel Ban

ILLEGAL Immigration

 14-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped By Immigrant
Teens In High School Boy’s Bathroom

30 Countries Are Refusing To Take Back Illegal
Immigrants Convicted Of Serious Crimes

ICE Deports Ethiopian Who Committed
Female Genital Mutilation on His Daughter

Previously Deported Criminal Alien
Charged In Teenager’s Death

Illegal Immigrant Faces Deportation
After Child Sex Accusations


Louisiana Sheriff’s Deputy Shot, Killed On Duty

Manhunt Ends With Arrest After 2
Detroit Officers Shot On West Side

Donald Trump

Make No Mistake, Disclosing Trump’s Tax
Returns (And Anyone Else’s) Is a Felony

Five 9th Circuit Judges Eviscerate The ‘Fundamental Errors’
In Ruling Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Trump EPA Grants Michigan $100
Million To Fix Flint Water System

In First 2 Months In Office: Trump Reduced Debt By
$100 Billion – Obama Increased Debt By $400 Billion

NSA Documents: Trump Under Surveillance For Years:
‘Project Dragnet’ Said To Monitor Donald At 18 Locations

House Intel Chair: No Evidence Of Trump-Russia
Collusion, But Were Leaks Designed To Hurt Trump

Trump Budget Lays The Groundwork For National E-Verify

Five Reasons Trump Is Right To Cut NPR, PBS

Democrat-Activist Media

WashPost Champions Al Franken As
‘Perfect Senator’ & ‘Political Star’

Trump Exposes Media’s Jenga Journalism

Facebook Banned Me For Defending Milo

MSNBC Frets ‘Right-Wing Extremist’
‘Lunatic’ Trump’s ‘Abhorrent’ Ideology

Media Has Cow Over Trump-Merkel Presser

Secret Service Removes Agent Who Didn’t
Want To Take ‘A Bullet’ For Trump