NJ Black Woman Was ‘Sick Of Fancy White People,’ Attacked Man With Hammer, Cops Say


The mainstream media will ignore, excuse, or barely mention this incident. However, if the white man would’ve (legally) shot the black woman for attacking him, it’d be all over the news and she’d be the victim.

Daily Caller:

A black woman at a Virginia gas station took a hammer to a man’s face, car and boat on Saturday because she was “sick of fancy white people. According to NJ.com, a 26-year-old woman from Newark, New Jersey named Angela M. Jones may face hate crime charges for the incident.

The victim, only identified as “Bob,” was pumping gas when Jones pulled her car up, blocked him in and proceeded to yell at Bob, referencing his “fancy boat” and saying that she was “sick of fancy white people.”

She took a hammer to the boat and the car, and a physical altercation ensued, with Bob getting stuck in the head with the hammer. The hammer eventually broke on the boat after Jones hit it again, after which she fled, WTVR reports. READ MORE


According to a report on WTVR, the man, identified only as “Bob,” said he had first noticed Jones yelling at someone a few pumps away from his Porsche. “I was coming around the side of the car and next thing I know a car blocks me in. She comes out of her car gets in my face and yelling at me about some sort of message I got for her.”

Lippa said in the report that Jones had used the hammer to damage the car as well as the couple’s boat. The sheriff said she also used the claw of the hammer to hit the man. See more pics & video here