Must Know Headlines


Want To Stop White Supremacy? Start With The 266
Black Babies Planned Parenthood Aborts Every Day

FYI: Did You Know The First Legal Slave
Owner In America Was A Black Man?

More Internet Censorship

SECOND Terror Attack In Spain
Hours After 13 Died On Las Ramblas

Abraham Lincoln Freed The Slaves — Violent Alt-Left
Thugs Torch His Chicago Statue Anyway

New Hampshire GOP Headquarters
Vandalized With Word ‘Nazis’

New York Is Named After A Horrendous Slave Trade


‘Not One More Dollar’ For Immigration
‘Enforcement Craze,’ Gutierrez Vows

Missouri Democrat Lawmaker Wishes For Trump Assassination

Two Former Wasserman Schultz IT Aides
Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S.

Democrat Introduces Articles of Impeachment
Against Trump For Charlottesville Response

Anti-Semite-Supporting Dem. Introduces Bill To
Censure Trump For “Support” Of Neo-Nazis

Apple CEO Donates Millions To Far-Left Groups

Democrats Go Low, Smear Top White House Aides
Bannon, Miller, Gorka As ‘White Supremacists’


 The Fiscal Cost Created By Illegal Immigrants Of
$746.3 BILLION Compares To Total A Cost
Of Deportation Of $124.1 BILLION

‘Unchecked Mass Migration’ Could Cause
Deadly Disease Outbreak, Claims Report

Police: MS-13 Members Fatally Slashed
Teen To Boost Gang ‘Stature’

Democrat-Activist Media

Dem Scandals: Nets Blackout Indictments
And Assassination Hopes

Vehicular Jihad Comes To Barcelona:
Meanwhile, On CNN, The Denial &
Willful Ignorance Continue

MSNBC’s Tur Pesters Charlottesville
Victim’s Mother About Trump

New Yorker Cover Depicts Trump Sailing With The Klan

MSM Ignores Mass Death/Hundreds
Injured In Barcelona Islamic Attach  

 CNN, MSNBC HOPE Barcelona Terror
Attack Inspired By Charlottesville

CNN Prints Map Noting Confederate Symbols,
Tells Antifa ‘Here’s Where To Find Them’

Busted! Morning Joe Caught Lying About Steve Bannon

Videos: MSNBC & CNN Promote ANTIFA Violence


PETA Pays $50,000 After STEALING
And KILLING A Little Girl’s Dog