Must Know Headlines


London Tube Terror Suspect Is Syrian Refugee
Who Sneaked Into UK From Calais Jungle Camp

Looters Hit 32 Metro PCS Stores In
Florida During Hurricane Irma

Feds Spend $187,704 To Improve Older Women’s Sex Lives

Feds Spend $686,350 Paying Fat Kids Not To Eat

Sharyl Attkisson: “It Looks Like Obama Did Spy
On Trump Just Like He Apparently Did To Me”

The Truth About Police Violence Against Black Men:
Facts Are Stubborn Things

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Immigrant, 32, ‘Breaks Into New Jersey Home
And Sexually Assaults Six-Year-Old Girl In Her Bed’

ILLEGAL Immigrations Is Not A Victimless Crime

Rep. Tancredo To Pope Francis: Accept My
Nation’s Right To Protect And Defend Itself


BLM Activists Organize ‘White Allies Only’ Rally

Obama Refers To Himself 96 Times In 18
Minute Speech – Even Quotes Himself

Newly Released Email Shows Hillary Clinton
Invited Vladimir Putin To Foundation Event

Maxine Waters: ‘Black People, You Better
Get Controversial,’ Play The ‘Race Card’

Rep. John Lewis Wants To ‘Take A Bullwhip’
To People So They Care About Civil Rights

Samantha Power Sought To Unmask Americans
On Almost Daily Basis, Sources Say

LISTEN: Texas Border Democrat
Caught Using N-Word In Tirade

Democrat-Activist Media

Democrats And Friends In The MSM Blast Trump’s “Dark” Speech

Newsflash From Leftist Utopia: Hollywood Dunce
Chelsea Handler Calls Dr. Ben Carson Racist

PBS Guests Of Tavis Smiley Slam ‘White Rage,’
GOP ‘White Nationalism’

FXX’s ‘You’re The Worst’ Portrays Conservatives As Racist Jerks

ABC Whacks Price’s Pricey Travel, Defended
Michelle O’s Spain Vacation