Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 2.2.2010


10 Steps To Destroying American Society

Cause: Out Of Control Spending

President Obama Lies About His Massive Deficits And Tax Increases

Obama’s Budget Seeks $2 Trillion More In Spending And Deficits Than Last Year

Budget 2011: Education Spending Skyrockets 

 U.S. Military Serving As Chauffeurs,
Babysitters For The Pelosi Kids: Receipts That Will Blow Your Mind

Effect: Tax Increases

Obama Proposes $1 Trillion In New Taxes

Administration Will Not Tell Fiscal Commission
 To Avoid Tax Hikes On Incomes Below $250,000

The President’s Tax Hike On Drilling–
 Will Raise The Price Of Gas! 

President Obama’s Budget Seeks An End To Tax Break For The Middle Class

Obama Uses Deficit Excuse To Raise Taxes

New ‘Tobin Tax’ Spells Market Trouble

Obama And Friends

Obama Labor Board Nominee,
“Workers Should Not Be Able To Choose Against Having A Union”

Figures. Obama Bowed to Tampa Mayor After She Proclaimed Nov. 15 “CAIR Day”

U.S. Attorney Reviews Call For Probe Of
SEIU Activities With White House, Congress

Democrat Panic! Anti-Tea-Party Ads Tied To Obama Eligibility

If ObamaCare Passes, Will You Ever Be Able To Trust Your Doctor?

Old Media

Ed Schultz On Visiting White House: ‘Almost A Shrine’ – To Obama

Slate’s Saletan Fights Tebow Pro-Life Ad With ‘Grisly Truth’ About Pregnancy

Newsweek Reporter Urges Obama To ‘Bully Republicans,
‘ ‘Ditch All Of This Talk Of Bipartisanship’

WaPo Hits Trifecta Of Biased Journalism Today

Corrections Request: The Huffington Post


A Year Of Hyper-Racialism

Quadrennial Defense Review Gives Glimpse Into Future Of America’s Military

President of Islamic Council Of Jamaica Endorses Death Penalty For Homosexuality Under Sharia Law

Taking Tea With The Taliban

Howard Zinn’s History of Hate

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