Mother Of Keith Scott Claims Book He Was Reading
When He Was Shot By Police Was The Koran

Must Know Headlines 2.7.2010


National Security

Ahmadinejad Orders Higher Enrichment Of Uranium

Ahmadinejad: “The Iranian Nation Is Now Standing Against The US
More Firmly,  More Powerfully,  More Revolutionarily And More Vigilantly
  Than 31 Years Ago And They Will Stand So (In Future)”

Obama: ‘She Insisted She’s Going To Be Buried In An Obama T-Shirt’  

Ahmadinejad Promises A Harsh Blow To “Global Arrogance”  

Another American Contractor Kidnapped In Iraq –
Wasn’t This Supposed To be Over?

Old Media  

MSNBC’s Maddow: Tea Party Convention Started With A “Big, Loud Racist Bang” 

AP Publishes AWFUL Hit Piece On Sarah Palin 

Tea Party Convention 

Palin: ‘America Is Ready For Another Revolution’   

Andrew Breitbart To Media At Tea Party Convention: “It’s You That Sucks”

Palin Urges Republican Party To ‘Absorb’ Tea Party Movement 

National Tea Party: Media Calls For A Showdown But Only 4 People Show 

Farah And Breitart Spar Over Tea 

Tea Party Convention Diaries: Palin To Campaign…For Others 

Super Bowl 

Rush & The Hutch On Super Bowl

Colts Coach Clyde Christensen Spared From Abortion Like Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Defends Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad Under Fire 

Sportswriter Dan Graziano Claims Tim Tebow
‘Made a Poor Decision’ In Appearing In Super Bowl Ad

Vanity Fair Writer’s “Anti-Tebow” Ad Script 


Boehner Says We Can’t Have ‘Anti-Catholic Bigot’
In White House, Calls For Obama Adviser To Resign

Another Look at Obama’s Origins 

Drilling Down Into Obama’s Energy Promises  


Holder Under the Bus? 

Obama: St. Louis Campaign Supporter Died of Breast Cancer –
Says She Couldn’t Afford Exam – But Breast Exams Are Free To Poor In St. Louis 

 Historic Snowstorm Paralyzes Region   

“Black Children Are An Endangered Species” Billboard Campaign    

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