15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 2.10.2010


NY Daily News: Keep The Hell Out,
Obama Must Stop Waffling And Move 9/11 Terror Trial

Obama’s Counterterror Czar To Critics: Shut Up,
Opposing Our Policies Is Helping Al-Qaeda

11 arrested At UC Irvine For Shouting Down Israeli Ambassador

Police Identify 11 Students Arrested At UCI

Council On American-Islamic Relations Files Federal Civil Rights Complaint
Against Mayor Who Said His Town Was A “Growing Christian Community”

Islamic Supremacist Alert: Muslims Sue Wal-Mart To Mosque The Workplace

 Democrat-Run Government

Crippled By Blizzard, DC Announces New Global Warming Agency By Phone

 The Trouble With Progressives

  80% of $2 Billion In Stimulus Cash For Wind Power Goes To Foreign Companies (Video) 

Senate Democrats Unveil Second Stimulus

Chinese See U.S. Debt As Weapon In Taiwan Dispute

Administration Again Cuts Funding For Scholarship
Program That Helps Low-Income D.C. Kids

Barack And Michelle

Organizing Kids For Obama

First Lady Links Childhood Obesity To
National Security In Launch Of ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign

Obama Hijacks Press Briefing; Displays Ignorance On Business

Old Media

Down Memory Lane: Has Haiti Fallen
Victim To The Mainstream Media’s Short Attention Span?

Olbermann’s ‘Federal Budget Debt A Good Thing’

Arianna Huffington: Free Speech Applies Only To Liberals

NY Times Demands Discrimination
Payments to Black Farmers; Ignores Massive Fraud


Revealed: Who’s Responsible For The Bush “Miss Me Yet?” Billboard

How The GOP Will Win The Senate 

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