Phony baloney: The 9 Fakest Fake-News Checkers

Must Know Headlines 2.17.2010


Drilling Ban To Cost Trillions 

Millions Wasted On Census As Head Count Approaches

Rashad Hussain’s Samigate  

More Evidence That Democrats Have Benefited Disproportionately
From Campaign Finance Reform And Want To Preserve Their Gravy Train 

Video: Palin Responds To “Family Guy” On The Factor 

 Bureaucrats Offer To ‘Help’ The Media

Obama’s National Non-Security

Obama’s Politically Correct Pentagon 

Condition Red: Obama Attempts To Turn The Defense Department Green  

Troops: Strict War Rules Slow Afghan Offensive 

The New Upside-Down War 

Obama’s Border Insecurity Budget 

National Security Nightmare: John Brennan And The Notorious Flying Imam

Barack Obama

Obama Gives Planned Parenthood
Abortion President Frequent White House Access

“If You Think You Will Tax My Benefits And Give
The Money To Ben Nelson In Nebraska, You’re Crazy”

Obama Envoy Vouched For Convicted Terrorist? 

Oops! Obama Tells Another Nativity Fib?
Records Indicate Father Not Part Of Kenyan Airlift, As Prez Said

 Global Warming Hoax

Obama’s Propaganda Scientist:
NOAA’s Jane Lubchenco Stands By The Climate Hoax

The Disappearing Science Of Global Warming 

Now IPCC Hurricane Data Is Questioned 

Old Media

Evidence Of Climate Fraud Grows, Media Coverage Doesn’t

Bill Maher — Politically Correct Coward 

Olbermann Says Tea Parties Are Racist For Lack Of ‘Black Faces’ 

New York Times Doesn’t Get The Tea Parties 


U.S. Experts Stage Simulated Cyberattack 

‘New Twist On Lent’ – Do A Carbon Fast   

Evan Bayh: “If I Could Create One Job In The Private Sector,
That’s More Than Congress Has Created In The Last 6 Months” (Video)

Publication Denies Cover-Up On OIC Envoy,
Implies Anti-Muslim Bias Lies Behind Story


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