Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 2.23.2010


Can They Make Obamacare Worse? Yes They Can!

Obama Unveils Health Care Plan, Violates Pledge By Keeping Abortion Funding

A First Look At The President’s Health Summit Proposal:
Liberal Proposal Number Three

Exposed: Democrat Astroturfing To Kill The Tea Party Movement

Biggest Sign That White House Deficit Panel Is A Joke:
Obama Wants To Appoint SEIU’s President, Andy Stern

The Great Recession Of 2011-2012:
And That’s Only The Beginning Of A New Dark Age

Mark Levin Blasts Glenn Beck In Facebook Posting;
Says Beck’s Approach Will “Keep The Statists In Power For Decades”

Government-Controlled Obamacare

Obama Health Care Plan Is Still A Government Takeover

White House Can’t Find GOP Health Care Bill That’s On Their Website

New Obamacare Proposal A $629 Billion Tax Hike

Obama Puts Forward $1 Trillion Healthcare Plan

Mr. President: Invite The Docs

 Democrat-Run Government

Reid On Why We Need A Jobs Bill:
“Men, When They’re Out Of Work, Tend To Become Abusive”

Our Islamist Envoy

Obama’s OIC Envoy Didn’t Just Defend Al-Arian

Old Media

How The World Works: Max Blumenthal And His Vicious Alinsky Tactics

ABC’s Moran Shares Frustration Public Doesn’t Appreciate ‘Stimulus’ Benefits

Networks Provide Friendly Reception For Obama’s Plan And Why It’s Needed

 Boston Globe Belatedly See Islam In Ft. Hood Shooting


L.A. School District Spent Millions
Firing Just Seven Teachers; Paid $50,000 Bribes To Dozens More

Nuke Scientist Missing Without A Trace

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1 Pasquale J. Crispo, Esq. February 24, 2010 at 11:40 pm

I saw you on the Factor and you asked that we call from your list swing Congressman and Congresswoman on stopping Obamacare. The summit is a farse as you point out. I tried to call several Congressman but their voice messages were full. I suspect that your request has been heard. I have sent an email to Chuck Schumer trying to dissuade him from backing the Obama bill.
Thank you for your help

Pasquale J. Crispo

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