15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 2.26.2010


While You Are Distracted By The Summit,
Obama Democrats Are Targeting the CIA

Black Leader Critical Of NAACP Image Award For Van Jones

CDC Data: H1N1 Caused Far Fewer Deaths
And Hospitalizations Than White House Projected

Obama’s Propaganda Summit

The Sham Summit

Ducking And Dodging: Democrats Can’t
Explain Away The Gimmicks In Their Health Bill

Summit Over, Democrats Move To Ram Healthcare Into Law

A Better Way To Reform Health Care

Obama And The Democrats To Public Opinion: Drop Dead

Nancy Pelosi Misleads Health Care Summit, Says Bill Has No Abortion Funding

Healthcare Summit: Chicago Style

ObamaCare Strategy Sabotages Bipartisan Summit

President (Literally) Flips Off the American People

Old Media


The President Health Proposal: Taxing Investment Income

Rangel: Yes, I’m Being Admonished For
Ethics Violations, But It’s Totally Not My Fault

The Obama Administration Is Seeking To Exclude From Federal Oversight
Its New $30 billion Dollar Small-Business Lending Program

Qaddafi Calls For Jihad Against Switzerland Because Of Minaret Ban

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