Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines 3.4.2010


Obama Now Selling Judgeships For Health Care Votes:
Obama Names Brother Of Undecided House Dem To Appeals Court 

The Top 10 Most Disgusting Attacks On Conservative Women

Flashback: Barack Obama Said Democrats
Shouldn’t Pass Health Care Without 60 Votes in Senate

How To Save $11.4 Billion This Year

A Lifelong New Yorker, Waking Up For Change In 2010

The Use Of Reconciliation On Health Care Would Produce Parliamentary Chaos

More Taxes

Microsoft Exec Pitches Internet Usage Tax To Pay For Cybersecurity Programs

A “Health” Charge Added To Restaurant Bills

Democrat-Run Government

The Subprime Cover-Up 

 Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons: Congress Must Understand The Risk

Obama Appoints SEIU’s Fat Cat Union Boss, Andy Stern,
To The White House Debt Commission

Pelosi: If Senate Can’t Get 60 Votes,
We’ll Go To ‘Simple Majority’ To Pass Health Care Bill

Not All Dems Sold On Health

Biden Had The Audacity Of Claiming On Larry King Live That Iraq Is Destined To Be
“One Of The Great Achievements Of This Administration”

Democrat Infested Media

Deficit-Enabling Media

Networks Ignore New Request For $15 Billion Bailout For Fannie Mae

After Ignoring Tea Party Beginnings, NYT Quickly Fawns
Over Lefty Coffee Party: No Anger or Astroturf Here


Saudi Woman Gets 300 Lashes, Jail For Filing Harassment
Complaints Without A Male Guardian Present

Gay Review & Combat Effectiveness

A Lawsuit Against A Retailer Who Banned
The Hijab Disguises CAIR’s True Intent To Proselytize


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