15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Must Know Headlines 3.6.2010


S.O.S. — Save Our (Navy) Seals

Obamacare Declares War On Growth Capital

The President’s Health Plan Won’t Cut the Budget Deficit

West Starting To Back Down On Iran Nuke Sanctions

Stop Playing Games, Liberal Media.
John Patrick Bedell Was A Registered Democrat

Both Parties Bear Part Of Deficit, But Dems’ Is Quadruple The GOP’s

Democrat-Run Government

Reid Thinks 36,000 Jobs Lost “Is Really Good” 

Administration Blames Job Losses On Snow;
Critics Say Economic Uncertainty Stalls Job Creation

School Board President Of Failing Detroit Schools Can’t Write

Pro-Abortion House Leader: Pro-Life Advocates Can’t Stop Senate Health Care Bill

Government-Run Obamacare

Will The Health Care Reform Bill Pass?
Here’s What It Depends Upon

CBO: Huge Deficits To Average $1 Trillion Per Year Over The Next Decade

 If Obamacare Passes, American Health Care And
Economic Prosperity Will Be Put In Grave Jeopardy

Barack Obama

How To Spell Obama Energy Policy: ‘D-e-l-a-y’

Obama Plan To Modify Second Mortgages Has Yet To Help One Homeowner 

Liberal Media

Rats Leaving Sinking Ship: Craig Crawford Bristles at ‘Racist’ Label, Ankles MSNBC

HuffPo Article Claims Tea Party Is
‘Motivated By Bigotry, Ignorance, and Racial Hatred’


Pentagon Shooter Had A History Of Mental Illness

Amending The Spending

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