Mom Whose Daughter Was 'Brutally Murdered' By Illegal Has
Message For Dem Gov Ignoring Trump's Immigration Order

Must Know Headlines 3.18.2010


Obama On Slaughter Strategy:
“I Don’t Spend A Lot Of Time Worrying About What The … Rules Are”

Obama Buys Two More Democrat Votes

Idaho First To Sign Law Against Health Care Reform

Virginia OKs First Bill Banning Obamacare

Will The Jobs Bill Create Any Jobs?

Government-Run Obamacare

ObamaCare Is Tyranny, Not Legislation

Weekend Vote Now Likely On Obamacare

Call Your Congressman: Healthcare Vote This Week

ObamaCare vs. The Hippocratic Oath

To Repeat: Doctors Could Hang It Up

Mandates And Taxes Re-Burden Health Insurance Markets

If Obamacare Passes, What Will Happen By Election Day

Barack Obama

LIAR. Obama: You Will See ‘Premiums Fall
By As Much As 3,000 Percent’ Under Obamacare

Obama Defends ‘Louisiana Purchase’

Barack Obama, The Great Unifier, Has Chosen To Divide The Nation


Muslims Slaughter 12 More Christians in Nigeria & Cut Out Their Tongues

Al-Awlaki: “I Eventually Came To The Conclusion That Jihad Against
America Is Binding Upon Myself Just As It Is Binding On Every Other Muslim”

Democrat-Infested Media

The Former Executive Editor Of The New York Times
Shows His Bias In His Latest Rant About Fox News

NBC Finds ObamaCare Seen As ‘Bad Idea’ By 12 Point Margin; Nightly News Squelches

Networks Barely Mention FCC Plan To Spend Up To $350 Billion For Broadband Internet

Media Ignore Boy Scouts’ 100th Anniversary In Favor Of Pro-Gay Agenda

Nuns Sign Pro-ObamaCare Letter; AP,
Newsweek Fail To Note Left-wing Catholic Group Behind It


The 11 Senate Republicans Who Voted For The $17 Billion Porkulus II Jobs Bill

Are the GOP Hypocrites On The Slaughter Rule?

Video: Steny Hoyer Not So Thrilled With “Slaughter Rule” Back In 2003


The Slaughter On The Southern Border

Iraq Election: A Defeat For Iran

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